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IM BORED Funny & Useless Websites

Here you will find all of the things we have found on the internet and curated ourselves to help you through your day.  People who  have said Google I’M BORED and have made us  smile with what they have done  about it. We collate sites to cure boredom.  But this blog takes the news articles and goings on around the world and brings them to one place. 

If you have a funny news story that  you would like to share with us., or you have an idea of something you think our readers would  like, then please submit  it to us, or add your  suggestion to our comments section.  We hope you enjoy this  page and it goes some way to putting a smile on that fed up face. 

The Best Spooky And Weird Websites

The Best Spooky and Weird Websites to Waste Time on If you are sat in your home or office bored out of your mind, then these spooky and weird websites…

We Want Your Funny and Useless Websites

bored a lot

We Want Your Funny and Useless Websites Since our launch in January 2019, Bored a lot has grown rapidly. We are already ranked in the top 100 humor websites in…

Funny Donald Trump Websites

Funny donald trump websites

Funny Donald Trump Websites For Bored People Donald John Trump is the 45th President of the United States Of America.  And dare we say the most controversial and entertaining.  Most…

Bored Pilot Writes Im Bored With Plane

Im Bored

Pilot Shows Boredom By Writing Im Bored with Plane It’s true that most people at some point will get bored, but what you don’t expect is a top gun test…

The Best Funny & Interesting Live Web Cams

The Best Funny & Interesting Live Web Cams

The Best Funny & Interesting Live Web Cams Feeling Bored? looking for something a bit different to boring old Facebook and Twitter to satisfy your boredom? Then check out the…

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