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Here you will find all of the things we have found on the internet and curated ourselves to help you through your day.  Men and Women who have said Google i’m bored and have made us  smile with what they have done about it. We collate sites to cure boredom.  But this blog takes the news articles and goings on around the world and brings them to one place. 

If you have a funny news story that  you would like to share with us., or you have an idea of something you think our readers would  like, then please submit  it to us, or add your  suggestion to our comments section.  We hope you enjoy this  page and it goes some way to putting a smile on that fed up face. 

Don’t forget, we love new content, so if you know of any weird stories from around the world that you think we will love then get in touch with us.  If we like it then we will feature it on our page for all of our readers to see.  If you are the owner of the story then we will even credit you and link it back to your website if you have one. And please, the more random the better.

Armchair world records

11 Armchair World Records You Can Master

11 Armchair World Records To Break In a video uploaded on May 16th 2016 a YouTube channel called “Dude Perfect” …
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animal lovers websites for bored people

The Best Animal Lovers Websites

Top 10 Animal Lover’s Websites For Bored People Animal lovers aren’t always going to be around animals. Sometimes, animal lovers …
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Coronavirus Boredom

The Cure For Coronavirus Boredom

The Cure for Coronavirus… Boredom Since Coronavirus, or COVID-19 for all you scientists out there, is now infecting the globe …
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games for bored people

The Best Games For Boredom

1. Nokia Snake ( Gather around, young whipper-snappers, and I’ll tell ye a tale of phones most primitive. The games …
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Top 5 Ways To Cure Boredom

The Top 5 ways to Cure Boredom What does virtual boredom actually look like? Well I imagine it looks something …
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Best funny Facebook Pages

Funny Facebook Groups To Visit

The Best Funny Facebook Pages We all know that Facebook is the go to place to waste time on. But …
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The Best Fun Sites

The Best Fun Sites To Visit 2020

Fun sites to visit 2020Whether you are sat in the home or the office bored out of your mind, or …
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The Best Spooky And Weird Websites

The Best Spooky and Weird Websites to Waste Time on If you are sat in your home or office bored …
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bored a lot

We Want Your Funny and Useless Websites

We Want Your Funny and Useless Websites Since our launch in January 2019, Bored a lot has grown rapidly. We …
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Funny donald trump websites

Funny Donald Trump Websites

Funny Donald Trump Websites For Bored PeopleDonald John Trump is the 45th President of the United States Of America.  And …
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Im Bored

Bored Pilot Writes Im Bored With Plane

Pilot Shows Boredom By Writing Im Bored with Plane It’s true that most people at some point will get bored, …
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The Best Funny & Interesting Live Web Cams

The Best Funny & Interesting Live Web Cams

The Best Funny & Interesting Live Web Cams Feeling Bored? looking for something a bit different to boring old Facebook …
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