Useless Websites and Pointless Links

Useless Websites

Welcome to the most Useless Websites on the planet to cure your boredom,  We a pretty confident that this collection is the strangest, weirdest and most bizarre set of links you will ever see on the internet. They have been found in the 4 corners of the internet waiting to be discovered.  And now we have brought them all together into one place. Some of these are really funny, some of them are insanely boring themselves, and some of them serve no purpose to this world what so ever. While completely random and useless these pointless sites will keep you occupied for hours on end. i mean, who doesn’t want to hear a virtual stapler clicking? or let out an emergency yodel? We are constantly adding to our vaults, so keep checking back. And finally, don’t forget to visit our fun forum where you will find like minded people all trying to waste time at work home or on the go.


If you think we have missed anything off our list then get in touch with us and we will add it to our vaults. Remember, the weirder and stranger the better.  

windows 93 desktop

Windows 93 Desktop

Windows 93 Desktop Do you remember the good old days of the windows 93 desktop? Now recreate those nostalgic days with a fully working version of this.  With working games such as poneyjockey and virtual girl, this website will have you searching online for the real version. This is the type of thing that will detract your boring self for

Will you press the button

Will You Press The Button

Press The Button – Cure Your Boredom Now! Now! we are sure that  most people have heard of this website but it’s still a great time waster. This press the button game asks if you would press the button to gain something  but- something not so cool will happen to you as an effect of your curiosity. So,will you still

omg cats

OMG Cats In Space

Relieve Your Boredom With OMG Cats In Space. A Crazy Website For crazy cat lovers OMG cats in space is a cool website for bored people to sit back and watch 100s of photos and gifs of cats in bizarre psychedelic intergalactic scenarios.  Some are cute, some are funny, but the majority of them are just downright weird. Warning! if

turtle translator

I Am A Turtle Translator

Want To Learn A Foreign Language? Then Check Out The I Am A Turtle Translator The I am a turtle translator is a completely useless website that translates the words ‘I AM A TURTLE’ into 62 different languages. Some of them are real, some are not. So if you are bored and you really want to impress your friends and

Pablo the dancing Flamingo

Pablo The Dancing Flamingo

Pablo The Dancing Flamingo   To increase the awareness of flamingos all around the world Pablo was created. Basically this is a useless website that has a rather cool looking dancing bird that can be controlled by your mouse.  With funky music in the background you can make Pablo dance in whichever way you want.  Make him slow and sultry. 

invisible cow

Hunt The Invisible Cow

Find the invisible cow If you are feeling bored then the invisible cow game is more than enough to occupy you. The closer you are to the cow, the louder and more high pitched the sound will get. Once you are hovering over the cow, your cursor will turn green. You can then click to reveal the cow. Genius!!!! Just

watch grass grow

Watch Grass Grow

Watch Grass Grow in full HD and put an end to your boring day Are you so bored that you could literally watch grass grow? Well this is the website for you. Sit back and watch 24 hour coverage of a real garden.The true excitement will come when the grass gets so long that it needs a trim.  Will you

which owen wilson movie

Which Owen Wilson Movie?

If You Are Bored Then Decide Which Owen Wilson Movie This ‘Wow’ Comes From Owen Wilson is renowned for his WOW’s during his movies, But can you work out Which Owen Wilson Movie has This Wow in it? A cool but useless website for people who just want to kill time and listen to the soothing tone that only Mr

Funny Minions Translator

Funny Minions Translator

Bored? Love The Minions? Then Check Out This Funny Minions Translator   The Minions Translator is a cool but useless website that allows you to type a word or phrase in English and have it translated into Minion speak. So if you are bored out of your mind, you’re looking to kill some time, and you have always had a

The Button Museum

Online Button Museum

Bored? Then Visit This Virtual Button Museum This website does exactly what is says on the tin. It is dedicated to providing it’s visitors with every possible type of button and badge you can imagine. The owners of this website are a brother and sister duo who have built up a collection of 1000s of pieces that the sell through


Type Like A Hacker

Type Like A Hacker Are you the type of tech geek that would love to type like a hacker? then this site will cure your boredom. Pretend that you are actually hacking an impenetrable website to really impress your friends or co workers from across the room.      

opening doors

Opening Doors

Bored? Then Spend Time Opening Doors For No Reason What So Ever! A totally useless website that challenges you to opening doors one after another. How many doors can you open? and how long can you last before you begin loosing the will to live?  

emergency yodel

Emergency Yodel

Feeling Bored? Feeling The Need To Break Into Song? Then Check Out The Emergency Yodel The Emergency Yodel is a must have tool in case you feel stranded and without any yodelling inspiration. Simply press the button, and feel relieved by a pure and beautiful outburst to settle you back down again!    

Elon Musk Mask

Cut Out Elon Musk Mask

Feeling Bored? Are Looking For Something A Little Bit Weird? Then Check Out This Cut Out Elon Musk Mask Cure your boredom now and cut out your very own Elon Musk Mask. With 4 different faces to download, you can print it, wear it and be extraordinary.  The 4 masks are as follows The Iconic Mask:- This Fits any occasion.

Fake text message generator

Fake Text Message Creator

The Fake Text Message Generator   Are you in need of an emergency text message? Do you need to show evidence of a conversation taking place on your phone? Well this fake text message generator could be the answer to all of your problems.  This website allows you to create conversations and save screenshots, this means that you can make

dancing worm

Staggering Beauty – The Dancing Worm

The Dancing Worm The dancing worm is the ultimate fix if you’re bored. Use your mouse to make the worm dance and change the screen psychedelic. Contains flashing images. But oh so very fun!  

counting sheep

Counting Sheep

Are You Restless And In Need Of Sleep? Then Try Counting Sheep Counting Sheep offers you a very old but effective solution for insomnia(inability to fall asleep).Did you know around 40% of american adults suffer from it. Therefore Counting Sheep is the most famous solution to help you sleep. So, instead of just lying in bed tossing and turning waiting for the

emoji drawing

Emoji Drawing

While Away Those Boring Days With Emoji Drawing? Remoji is an Emoji Drawing Website that allows you to draw or write with lots of little emoji characters and icons.  This cool website is really fun, but completely bizarre. So sit back and try to come up with the next emoji masterpiece.    

One Million Giraffes

One Million Giraffes

Nothing To Do? Check Out One Million Giraffes? Back in 2009 a guy made a bet with his friend that her could not get images, pictures and drawings of one million giraffes. He wasn’t wrong. This cool website is a scrolling gallery of precisely 1 016 052 giraffes submitted by over 100 countries. Now that is a lot of our


Color Names – Name Your Own Hex Color

Color Names Lets You Name Your Own Hex Color Some people like naming stars, some people even like naming animals that they have sponsored, but did you know that you can stake a claim on one of the 16,777,216 hex colors that are available? It really is as simple as that.  If you’re bored out of your mind and you