Useless Websites and Pointless Links

Useless Websites

Welcome to the most Useless Websites on the planet to cure your boredom,  We a pretty confident that this collection is the strangest, weirdest and most bizarre set of links you will ever see on the internet. They have been found in the 4 corners of the internet waiting to be discovered.  And now we have brought them all together into one place. Some of these are really funny, some of them are insanely boring themselves, and some of them serve no purpose to this world what so ever. While completely random and useless these pointless sites will keep you occupied for hours on end. i mean, who doesn’t want to hear a virtual stapler clicking? or let out an emergency yodel? We are constantly adding to our vaults, so keep checking back. And finally, don’t forget to visit our fun forum where you will find like minded people all trying to waste time at work home or on the go.


If you think we have missed anything off our list then get in touch with us and we will add it to our vaults. Remember, the weirder and stranger the better.  

Virtual Bubble wrap

Virtual Bubble Wrap – Perfect For Stress and Boredom

Virtual Bubble Wrap Virtual Bubble Wrap allows you to indulge virtually in the most calming occupation – if you’re painfully bored then popping this bubble wrap is the fix for you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to feel the pleasure of the pop in your hands. However, you’ll hear the same delightful and soothing popping sound. With the option of


Chill The Lion

Too Bored To Think? Then Why Not Chill Then Lion? Chill the lion is an utterly useless website that allows you to turn your cursor into a fan and chill a pixelated lion. Perfect for those days when you are too bored to think. To start the fan you need to click and hold the left side of mouse button,

type drummer

Type Drummer

Want To Make Sweet Tunes When You Type? Then Check Out Type Drummer Type drummer is one of those utterly useless but really cool websites at the same time.  For every key strike you make it will play a beat. Make amazing tunes with no more than a letter e and and an exclamation mark. Try it out for yourself

Days Since Birth

Days Since Birth

Days Since Birth Calculator Now Can Cure Your Boredom And Work Out How Many Days You Have Been On This Planet With The Days Since Birth Calculator.  As you will never know when you will need to have this information to hand. Have you ever been sat in you home or work wondering exactly how many days you have been

Morty Elastic Face

Morty Elastic Face Game

Morty Elastic Face Do you like stuff that is a little bit weird? Well this useless website is all you need. Web designer David Li has created his very own version of Morty from the animated science fiction sitcom Rick and Morty.  When you land on the page you are presented with a perfectly normal looking face. However, as you


Listen To Rain

Listen To Rain Don’t you just love when it rains? Rainy mood  allows people to listen to the soothing sound of the rain. With the motto “Rain makes everything better”, this website won’t necessarily relieve your boredom, but it will keep you ‘chilled out’ for hours.    

The restart page

The Restart Page

Feeling Bored. Then Live Life On The Edge By Re-living Your Favorite Computer Restart Pages The Restart Page simulates the full and exciting rebooting process of a wide variety of old, and nostalgic operating systems from computer history. So, rediscover the restart screens from Windows XP, AmigaDOS, NeXT. And try your best to contain your excitement with this amazing boredom busting

marvellous breadfish

The Marvellous Breadfish

Are You Looking For A Whole New Level Of Weirdness To Cure Your Boredom ? Then Check Out The Hilarious Marvellous Breadfish Yes, you heard us correctly The Marvellous Breadfish. This cool website is effectively a Youtube video about a load of fish surrounded by loafs of bread. Bizarre, weird, funny and hilarious all rolled into one.  We guarantee that 

Cat Purr Simulator

Cat Purr Simulator

Bored? Love Cats? Then Check Out This Cat Purr Simulator After a boring, stressful or frustrating day, The cat purr simulator gives you the soothing sound of a pussy cat without the allergy. Cuddling up with a purring cat is such a relaxing and comforting experience. And some comprehensive scientific studies have shown that people who own cats have lower

rate my poop

Rate My Poop

Rate My Poop This site will go down in history. A site dedicated to doing what nobody else would… rating your poop. If you were hoping to fine, we have bad news for you. Sadly the website everyone had once loved if no longer online. It’s currently offline but there’s still hope! Users of Reddit will still rate your logs! Head

geo kitten

Geo Kitten

Geo Kitten Can your choice of kitten predict where you live? Well Geo kitten can do this for you. This utterly useless website will use a series of multiple choice kittens to drill down your exact location.  Clever eh?      

screaming beans

Screaming Beans

Having A Boring Day? Then Why Not Crush Screaming Beans With Your Finger? This funny website cures your boredom by squishing screaming beans with a finger.  Listen to their moans and put them out of their misery with a pinkie from above.  A hugely addictive website which will keep you occupied for hours      

virtual stapler

Virtual Stapler

Do You Love The Sound Of A Stapler In Action? Well Replicate It Now With The Virtual Stapler.  Now With Three Different Staplers To Choose From Come on, admit it, if you’re a fan of stationary then there is nothing more satisfying to hear than the crunch of a stapler in action. Well now the virtual stapler can give you

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

If you love useless websites you will love the Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie. So what is it? Well, the Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie, or otherwise known as AFDB is a specific type of head wear that can protect your head and brain from most psychotronic and electromagnetic mind control carriers.  You never know who is trying to control your mind, whether

Centennial bulb

Centennial Bulb -World’s Longest Lasting Light

Centennial Bulb Live Cam Located in an active fire station in Livermore, California, this weird website live streams a light bulb. On first impressions this is a useless website from a standard building in the US. However, we’re pleased to report that you couldn’t be more wrong. (Well we seem to think so anyway) The Centennial bulb has been shining

teleport me anywhere new

Random Google Street Map

Teleport Me Somewhere New With The Random Google Street Map Don’t you wish that you could Teleport yourself to any random street or view in the world? Well this random google street map viewer does this for you.  Simply press the GO button and from the comfort of your computer you will immediately be shown an image from anywhere in

How many seconds

How Many Seconds Can You Last

How Many Seconds Can You Last How many seconds can you last on this website? If you are are truly bored then log onto and try and beat the all time record. You can even get a badge to show the total time you have wasted. Go on. Be all that you can be! The currently record for us stands

Funny Mona Lisa Images

Funny Mona Lisa Images

The Largest Collection Of Funny Mona Lisa Images on the Internet? Mega Mona Lisa is a collection of Mona Lisa pictures, not just one or two, but hundreds of them. where you can explore every type parody improvements, collages or just design your own unique, stupid,quirky version.  Turn yourself into the next Da Vinci with this hilarious website. Warning to

Fart Simulator

Pull My Finger Fart Simulator

The Very Immature But Oh So Funny Pull My Finger Fart Simulator Do you remember when someone played the pull my finger fart prank on you when you were younger? now relive it with this cool website for fart lovers. experience lots of different fart sounds every time you pull the pinkie.  If you are bored in the office, then

Online Ouija Board

Online Ouija Board

Love Weird Websites? – Online Ouija Board Are you Looking For Your Daily Dose Of Useless Websites? Then Check Out The Online Ouija Board, this will make you laugh and spook you out  in equal measures. This paranormal game is exactly as it sounds.  You can now use this to ask any question you like to the spirit world and