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Feeling Bored? Are Looking For Something A Little Bit Weird? Then Check Out This Cut Out Elon Musk Mask

Cure your boredom now and cut out your very own Elon Musk Mask. With 4 different faces to download, you can print it, wear it and be extraordinary.  The 4 masks are as follows

The Iconic Mask:- This Fits any occasion. Everybody listens when you wear it.

The Badass Mask:- Works perfectly to reassure its’ wearer

The Falcon High Mask:- Literally brings your mindfulness to the highest orbits

The Been Better Mask:- Everybody is a human.

Every Cut Out Elon Mask is life-sized. Ensure you use heavier paper for a longer lasting effect. Use some masking tape to attach ribbon.

Elon Musk Mask

Visit The Website Now I'm Still Bored! Take me somewhere else


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