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Got some money to spend? Are you bored out of your mind? Are you looking to kill some time spending your hard earned money on useless stuff? then why not try shopping for the most pointless and stupid items the internet has to offer? Here you will find a collection of links where you can buy weird things, kooky things and downright strange things. Check out the sites sell those funny and stupid novelty gifts that you never knew existed, along the gadgets that you have always dreamed of.

This page is perfect for people who are really struggling to think of Christmas or birthday presents and you are bored of shopping for the same old boring things.

If you own a cool or unusual shopping website then let us know, if it meets our criteria then we would live to add it to our vaults.


Turned Yellow

Turn your Family Into Simpsons Characters

Turned Yellow. Turn You Family Members In Simpsons Characters Well, since you are here reading this, there can only really be a couple of possible reasons why, either you landed on here by mistake (but there’s not much chance of that) or you are simply bored numbless, and really can’t

Ikea Catalogue Museum

Ikea Catalogue Museum 1950’s To Present

Ikea Catalogue Museum The Ikea Catalogue Museum is exactly what you would expect it to be.  It contains every single release since its inaugural version in 1950.   Yes it’s been going for over 70 years. Ikea was formed in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad in the country of Sweden, and has

The Button Museum

Online Button Museum

Bored? Then Visit This Virtual Button Museum This website does exactly what is says on the tin. It is dedicated to providing it’s visitors with every possible type of button and badge you can imagine. The owners of this website are a brother and sister duo who have built up

pooping pooches calendar 2020

2020 Pooping Pooches Calendar

Pooping Pooches Calendar 2020 Do you know someone who loves dogs just too much?  Well cure your boredom now with this 12 month 2020 calendar of pooping dogs.  We promise you that it  will be the most memorable gift you will give this year. And who doesn’t like a good

ugly christmas sweater designer

Ugly Christmas Sweater Designer

Cure Boredom Now With This Really Cool Ugly Christmas Sweater Designer Are you fed up with wearing the same boring old Christmas jumper every single year?  Feeling bored and wanting to do something fun and different? Well now you can change all that.  This Ugly Christmas Sweater Designer allows you

real air guitars

Real Air Guitars

Turn I’m Bored Into Real Air Guitars Music Are you a music lover? have you ever wanted to master the Air Guitar?  Well this cool website is the worlds only manufacturer and supplier of real air guitars.  This random and pointless website stocks a large range of electric and acoustic

Novelty Unique

Novelty Unique Kooky Unusual

Feeling Bored? Want To Spend Some Money? Then Check Out Novelty Unique Kooky Unusual Novelty Unique Kooky Unusual or NUKU in its shortened version is a really cool shopping website that allows you to buy bizarre and quirky items, from the comfort of your own home.  Whether it is a novelty

Your Pets Face Made

Your Pets Face Made Into Slippers

If Your Bored And Looking to Kill Some Time Then Why Not Get Your Pets Face Made Into Slippers? If you didn’t think the world could get any weirder, you were wrong, this bizarre website not allows you to get your pets face made into slippers. They are handmade to

play penny auctions

Play Penny Auctions

Bored Of Having No Money? Then Play Penny Auctions And Get Cool Stuff For Virtually Nothing Quibids allows you to play penny auctions and get some really cool stuff for stupidly low prices. A hugely popular and cool website that will fix your boring day, and will allow you to

johns crazy socks

Johns Crazy Socks

Feeling Bored? Want To Spend Some Money? Then Visit Johns Crazy Socks Johns crazy socks is a website dedicated to bringing you the most amazingly unique, crazy and fun socks on the internet to cure your boredom. So if you have money to spend and you are looking to be

poop delivery

Poop Delivery Service

Feeling Bored and Mischievous? The Why Not Use The Poop Delivery Service? I poop you is a poop delivery service that sends high quality farmyard poop to your friends and family, If you are bored and mischievous then this is the website for you, Every delicious poop will land at its


Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Feeling Bored & Mischievous? Then Ship Your Enemies Glitter We all get how annoying it is when you open up a card and glitter goes absolutely everywhere? Imagine how irritating it would be to get an envelope full of glitter With the help of this cool website you can send glitter


This Is Why Im Broke

Bored? Love to Spend? This Is Why I Am Broke This Is Why I’m Broke. And now that you know the name of this site, it will be why you are broke! Come On. You can buy a Jet Pack?! Who doesn’t need a Jet Pack? You can also buy

Worst Things

The Worst Things For Sale

The Worst Things For Sale The worst things for sale posts all the of worst things up for sale on the internet, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true and this will keep your boring day at bay for hours on end. From weirdest clothes to the wackiest inventions,, this funny website

spy a lot


SPY A LOT – Cure Your Boredom Now! Spy a lot is a website that sells really cool spying and surveillance equipment. And is also one of our sister sites, So kill your boredom now.  Hidden cameras, spy equipment, lie detector machines. SPY A LOT has it all and will


These buy weird things links are just some of the sites that we have here.  If you click on the big red button anywhere in our sidebar you will be taken to a random website from our archives.  And trust us when we say there are a lot of them.  We have spent years curating the biggest collection of weird websites and useless websites on the internet.  So get the popcorn out and lock the door.  You are going to be in for a busy night.