Technology Websites When You're Bored

Welcome to our fun technology category.  The internet is full of boring websites that try to blind you with science and confuse the hell out of you. But here at Bored A Lot we are a little bit different.  We try to bring you all of the cool tech stuff but with a twist.  These technology websites have been picked by our team of researchers based on their humor, superb animations or just all round coolness.  Whilst navigating this category you can check out sites such as the world flight map. or flight radar 24 live air traffic as it is more affectionately known See in real time every single plane that is in the sky all over the world. Perfect for plane spotters and info geeks.  Or how about blow up my internet page?  If you are getting fed up with certain pages then set a 3 second timer and watch the page get blow up.  We have tried this on some of our competitors and absolutely loved it.

But one thing that these technology websites all have in common is the fact that all of them are guaranteed to keep you entertained when you’re sat in the house or office when you have nothing to do.  Because technology is so advanced these days you can also access these pages on the go on your mobile or tablet. So instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram while you are waiting for a bus give us a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed when you look for what to do when you’re bored

When you’re done with this category don’t forget to visit our other pages. We have thousands of websites to explore when you’re bored ranging from the awe inspiring to the downright odd.   And if you can’t be bothered to search our site you can simply hit the random website buttons for us to take away the hard work from you.  Enjoy!

interactive face

Interactive Face

Slay Your Boredom With A Really Freaky Interactive Face This cool website is funny, freaky, weird and bizarre all rolled into one.  It is an

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age predictor

Age Predictor

Cure Your Boredom With The Age Predictor – Find Out How Old You Really Look The age predictor is a really cool website that allows

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send future emails

Send Future Emails

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Send Future Emails To Yourself With over 5 million letters written, This cool website allows you to send future emails

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don't click it

Don’t Click It

Can You Navigate A Whole Website Without Clicking Your Mouse? Try It At ‘Don’t Click It’  Don’t click it is an amazing website that lets

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Having A Boring and Unproductive Day? Then Make It Even More Unproductive With Cachemonet. Cachemonet is a truly weird and bizarre website.  It’s an endlessly entertaining

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music map

Music Map

Bored Of Listening To The Same Old Music?  Then Music Map Is The Site For You Music Map allows you to type in any band

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The restart page

The Restart Page

Feeling Bored. Then Live Life On The Edge By Re-living Your Favorite Computer Restart Pages The Restart Page simulates the full and exciting rebooting process of

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feeling unlucky

Feeling Unlucky

Need A Laugh? Checkout Google ‘Feeling Unlucky’ The World famous Google  “Feeling Lucky” takes took you directly to the first search result for any query,

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shady url

Shady URL

Shady URL Don’t waste time sending boring links to your friends or co workers. Shady URL will convert your original URL into a shady looking

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google predictor

Google Predictor

Google Predictor Are you able to predict what google is thinking when you type in a phrase? then check out this google predictor game. i.e

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