The Best Live Cameras On The Internet

Sometimes, when you’re sat in the house bored out of your mind you just want to cast yourself off to somewhere new and different.  But it doesn’t have to be somewhere you want to go on vacation.  The internet is full of crazy, interesting and weird live web cameras that you probably didn’t even know existed, and that is where we come in. If you’re getting fed up of your Facebook or Instagram feed and you’re in need of a change then check out this category. Our researchers have spent hours scouring the 4 corners of the internet to come up with some of the best live TV you will ever see. Whether it is viewing the earth from the international space station, Killer whale watching in Northern Canada or watching the grass grow on an actual suburban lawn, we really do have something for everyone.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee or a something a little stringer, close the curtains and lock the door. We have a range of live camera websites to satisfy ant type of boredom and will keep you occupied for the rest of the day. 

Don’t forget that we are always on the look out for new and innovative websites. If you have seen or even own a site that would fit into this category then we would love to hear from you, remember, you have probably worked out by now that the weirder the website the better.  We will even credit you with a backlink for your efforts. How cool is that?

So sit back and enjoy the Best Live Web Cam Websites on the internet courtesy of Bored A Lot

live nasa tv


Watch NASA TV Live Are you fed up of watching the same old TV channel? The why not give NASA TV live a go? Created

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Killer Whale Live Cam

Killer Whale Live Camera

Killer Whale Live Camera If you love Orca’s or Killer Whales as they are move affectionately known the you’ll love this Killer Whale Live Camera. 

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72oz steak live webcam

72oz Steak Live Webcam

Watch People On The 72oz Steak Live Webcam Cure your boredom now by watching people attempting to devour a monstrous 72oz steak on this live

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Real Life Cam

Real Life Camera

Spy On People When You’re Bored With This Real Life Camera Are you sat in the home or office bored out of your mind? then

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Bird Watching Live Cams

Bird Watching Live Cams

Bored? Then Check Out These Bird Watching Live Cams Are you an amateur twitcher? do you love birds? and we don’t mean the female type.

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Live Ghost Web Cams

Live Ghost Web Cam

Love The Creepy and Paranormal? – Live Ghost Web Cam If you’re bored and you love the weird, bizarre and creepy, then look no further

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live twitter world map

Live Twitter World Map

Cure Your Boredom And See Every Tweet Across The Globe In Real Time With This Live Twitter World Map See every tweet that’s happening in

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US debt clock

US Debt Clock

Cure Boredom Now With The Live US Debt Clock The US Debt Clock is a live snapshot of the current balance sheet of the United

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live shipping map

Live Shipping Map

Bored? How Cool Would It Be To See A Live Shipping Map Showing Every Ship In the Sea In Real Time? Well Here You Go!

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control live robots

Control Live Robots

Want To Relieve Your Boredom? Then Why Not Control Live Robots From The Comfort Of Your Own Home? Bored? Then control live robots, and do

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live hen camera

Live Hen Camera

Love Animals? Then Let The Live Hen Camera Cure Your Boredom Feeling Bored? Love animals? Then welcome to the Live Hen Camera! A 24/7 Genuine

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cute puppy live web cam

Cute Puppy Live Web Cam

Feeling Really Really Bored? Love Puppies? Then Check Out This Cute Puppy Live Web Cam Lets not hold back. This cute puppy live web cam

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earth cam

Earth Cam

Living A Boring Life? Want To See The World? Then Check Out The Earth Cam? Earth cam is a really cool website that will take

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live kitten cam

Live Kitten Cam

Get Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness With This Live Kitten Cam Having a boring day? Then put all of that to rest with this live

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watch grass grow

Watch Grass Grow

Watch Grass Grow in full HD and put an end to your boring day Are you so bored that you could literally watch grass grow?

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