Bored? Then Check out This Live Loch Ness Monster Spotter Web Cam

Do you believe in the great monster of Loch Ness? Then the OFFICIAL Nessie website is right up your street.  For hundreds of years, people have been trying to prove or disprove its existence, there have been  some photographs and videos that are convincing and believable, whilst others look like they were made using crayons .   Using this live lock Ness webcam, can you spot him swimming around the lake yourself? and see if the legend is for real. You could be the first person in history to capture live footage of him and become famous around the World. In 15 minutes we managed to see a farmer, a sheep and  an impressive looking boat. #epicfail

This amazing website is brilliant for killing time and boredom, and who knows? you may be the person to actually spot him and prove every non believer wrong.

Want to learn more about the legend of Nessie?  Visit this cool website below.

loch ness live cam

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