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Our Boredom Busting Categories

feeling clever

Feeling Bored? Think you’re really clever? Then click this tab for quizzes, tests and general all round clever stuff to get the grey matter working

I'm bored!

Bored? Love art, design and creating things? Click this tab for arty, doodling and creative and fun websites to get the inspirational juices flowing

Feeling Mischievous

Are you Bored and Mischievous? A naughty combination. Welcome to our pranks, gags and practical jokes to help you get through those boring, mind numbing days

useless websites

Hit on this tab for the most useless websites on the planet to cure boredom. Some of these are just weird, bizarre, crazy and just funny websites

just funny

Are you bored to death and just in need of a good laugh? Hit on this tab for a range of funny websites that are guaranteed to make you smile on a boring day

WTF websites

Bored and fancy a little bit of WTF?Hit this tab for a range of bizarre and WTF websites that will not only cure your boredom, but will have you asking yourself what the f*ck

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Are you bored and wondering how good your hand eye skills are? Then click here. Become an expert with these cool websites from the comfort of your computer

games for bored people

Click this tab for a range of  boredom busting games that you can play to help you get through the daily grind of a boring and all consuming life 

Shopping websites  

Have fun spending your time relieving your boring day by shopping for the most pointless and stupid items the internet has to offer

Facts & Figures Websites

Bored? Love a good set of facts or figures to keep you occupied? then take a look at these cool websites that will make you look really clever and intelligent

trivia websites

Bored? Love a good quiz or trivia game to get the brain matter working? then check out these fun and interactive websites to keep you occupied

Cool Websites

This is the place for our selection of mostly weird and really cool websites to cure those really boring days. So sit back and enjoy

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