Do you feel bored because of doing the same things over and over again? We feel you.  

How about learning new things and develop yourself? These days, you can easily expand your knowledge thanks to the online course providers. By looking closely to brand new subjects, you will offer your brain new challenges and get out of your comfort zone. Here are some interesting online courses for the ones who say “I’m bored”.

Coursera – Machine Learning 

Duration: 60 hours

Machine learning is widely recognized as the key to attaining human-level AI. This course by Stanford University teaches students how machine learning affects their daily lives, as well as effective machine learning approaches and practical tools for applying machine learning to real-world situations.

HubSpot Academy – Content Marketing Certification

Duration: 6 Hours

Exceptional content can help you grow your business. This course will show you how to combine narrative, content development, repurposing, and promotion to create a content marketing machine that will help you expand your company and your career.

 Skillshare/Buffer – Introduction to Social Media Strategy 

Duration: 45 Minutes

This course can teach you how to develop a social media plan to reach your Facebook and Twitter goals whether you want to encourage brand awareness, improve website traffic or drive sales. Brian Peters, Buffer’s digital marketing strategist, passes his approach of personalized social tactics from the search for your voice to paid advertising.

Coursera – Creative Problem Solving

Duration: 14 hours

You’ll learn how to think creatively and how to apply that creativity to any field in this four-week course given by the University of Minnesota. You’ll gain a deeper grasp of creativity through a series of creativity-building tasks, short lectures, and readings. It is suggested that you devote four to six hours each week to the course material.

EdX- Quantum Mechanics for Everyone

Duration: 6 weeks

This four-week course, taught at Georgetown University, is great for anyone interested in quantum theory. The course includes an introduction to quantum mechanics and requires no more advanced arithmetic than square roots (don’t worry—calculators are permitted). It takes seven to ten hours of labor per week to achieve this.

EdX – Becoming an Entrepreneur

Duration: 6 weeks

This six-week course will teach you how to become an entrepreneur from instructors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. You’ll learn how to set goals, find business opportunities, do market research and select a target client, create and test a product, organize business logistics, and pitch and sell to customers. One to three hours of work per week are required.

Plural Sight –  Beginner’s Guide to Image Editing in Photoshop

Duration: 1 hour, 31 minutes

This series of step-by-step tutorials teach you Photoshop vocabulary, definitions and basic tools and techniques. You will begin by resizing and resampling photographs and then proceed to correct image colors and delete undesired information. How much you could learn in 90 minutes would astonish you!

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