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Then Check out our range of funny, useless and fun online games for bored people just to keep you occupied through those lifeless days. Here at bored a lot, we don’t publish the normal shoot em up’s that every other web page provides.  We are different.  We trawl the 4 corners of the internet to bring you the weird, the bizarre, the crazy,  and the games that you never knew existed. Why? Because even the most avid gamer gets bored and wants to try something different.  So go on.  Push Trump off a cliff.  play a full round of virtual golf or play a shoot em up with an Astro Alpaca  You know you want to!

If you know of a fun online games, or you own one yourself, then submit it to us and if it meets our criteria we will add it to the vaults.

Remember,the weirder the better for us, and we love unusual stuff that has people scratching their heads in disbelief. So don’t be shy, give us a try and never look for things to do online when you’re bored again !


best online games to play when you are bored

Best Online Games to Play When You Are Bored

What are the best online games to play when you are bored? The games on this list are not only great, but they are all free to play. There is no doubt that playing games are the perfect way if you want a little bit of escapism. When the workload


Hole-io game – How big is your black hole?

Hole-io Game – How big can you make your black hole? This really is one of those bewildering websites that will leave you in complete and utter disbelief as to what exactly the website creator was thinking. More than that quite why was he feeling the need to create this?

mugshot game

The Mugshot Game

The Mugshot Game The Humor Website Smoking Gun Brings you a hilarious Mugshot game where your task is to match the arrest mugshot with the crime they committed. Choose from loads of different offenders and line ups and test your gut instinct. A brilliant time waster to cure your boredom

twitch TV

Twitch TV – See People Play Video Games Online

Welcome To Twitch TV Here we have a website that some people will absolutely love and some people will really hate. It’s called If you’re a gamer, you’re bored or if you’re stuck in your own game you are playing, maybe you can see if you can find on

Guess the location game

Geo Guessr Geography Game

Having A Boring Day? Love Geography? Then Play Geo Guessr If you are sat in the home or office wishing the day away, and wishing even more that you were the other side of  the world, then this is the coolest website you will ever come across. Geo Guessr is

virtual piano

Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano Virtual Piano is an awesome idea to cure your boredom, and what’s great is that no one appears to have thought of before: simply play the piano with the help of your computer. What’s great about this site is that you don’t have to be an expert to play it. Simply while

Astro Alpaca

The Astro Alpaca Game Have you ever wanted to pilot an Alpaca in space? then this is the website to cure your boredom. Using your finger, keyboard or mouse, the aim of the game is to keep the Alpacas energy going by capturing lettuce leafs and avoiding space debris. The

Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy Chemistry Simulator

Little Alchemy – Chemistry Simulator Little alchemy is a chemistry simulation game that challenges you to create 580 elements from just 4 basic items. Air, water fire and water.  So we know that water and fire makes steam and that air and earth makes dust so you should kind of

Super Nintendo Emulator

Super Nintendo Emulator

Play The Super Nintendo Emulator Do you remember the good old days of the 80s and 90’s where Super Nintendo, Gameboys and Sega Master Systems were all the rage? Well this emulator will bring everything flooding back.  A team of boffins have found a way to allow you play the

Free Games For When You Are Bored

Free Games For When You Are Bored During Quarantine

Free Games For When You Are Bored During Quarantine Some countries have already eased up their quarantine measures, as well as others completely beating COVID-19. This means that they are likely no longer experiencing intense boredom that most of us faced while stuck at home a few months ago. However,

Push Trump Off A Cliff

Push Trump Off A Cliff

Having A Boring Day? Need A Laugh? Then Why Push Trump Off A Cliff Push Trump off a cliff allows you to delicately move the 45th president up to the end of a cliff. You can then push him over the edge. This is a really funny website to occupy

The Cookie Clicker Name

The Cookie Clicker Game

Cure Boredom With The Cookie Clicker Game Are you sat at home or bored in the office? looking for something different to the standard Facebook or Instagram? Then instead of searching for bored games online, cure boredom with the Cookie Clicker Game.  This really is as bizarre and as weird


2D Driving Simulator

Feeling Bored? Then Play This 2D Driving Simulator. This amazing bored website allows you to drive around any location in the world using google maps images.   Simply select a location. Preferably one with a road on it and use the arrow keys to stop, go and turn.  Drive as quickly

worlds biggest pacman game

The Worlds Biggest PacMan Game

The Worlds Biggest PacMan Game   Cast your mind back to the early 80s and you should remember the cult game by Namco. The game focusses on a yellow pacman eat as many dots as possible whilst trying to avoid pesky ghosts. Now fast forward a 3 decades, where technology

Jedi Training Game

Jedi Training Game

Keep Thinking I’m Bored? Then Why Not Take Up Jedi Training? Welcome to the Jedi Training – The Ultimate cure for your boredom Use your genuine real life virtual Jedi sword to deflect nasty looking orb droids. You must avoid from having the annoying little critters hit your handle. So

Destroy my computer game

Destroy My Computer Game

Felling Bored and Frustrated? The Destroy My Computer Is The Game For You Destroy My Computer is a cool game that lets you punch and beat up your computer with your virtual fists. You are given a mouse, a keyboard, a monitor and hard drive, and the aim of this

The AI Dungeon Game

AI Dungeon Game

Play The AI Dudgeon Game   Are you bored of the same old games on the internet? Are you looking for something a little bit different? then why not give the AI dungeon Game a shot?  The artificial intelligence software generates a story, the plot then changes accordingly based on

The 100 meter scroll

100 Meter Scroll

The 100 Meter Scroll Cure your boredom now with the 100 meter scroll. Do you know someone who is constantly on their phone, tablet or computer? Are you bored at work? or sat in the house with nothing to do? Then accept the challenge.  How quickly can you scroll all

Space X Simulator Game

SpaceX Simulator Game

SpaceX Simulator Game   If you love all things space and geeky then this game is right up your street, the SpaceX simulator game allows you to pilot your very own craft (The Dragon 2) and dock with the international space station. But it is not as simple as that.

QWOP the worlds hardest game

Play The QWOP Game – Worlds Hardest Game

QWOP – The Worlds Hardest Game The QWOP  game is quite possibly the hardest game that has ever been invented. Test your knowledge of anatomy to make the athlete run. We manged to get to a fantastic 4.17 meters which is barely a step in Usain Bolts world.  The Keys

The Wiki Game

Play The Wiki Game

The Wiki Game – Perfect For Boredom   The Wikipedia race is a cult game that pitches multiplayer’s to get to a target page by simply navigating through Wiki . You all start with the same randomly selected article, and the Wiki Game winner is the person that gets to

Draw A stickman Adventure

Draw A Stickman Adventure

Draw A Stickman Adventure Remember the time you learnt how to draw stickman on your school workbooks? Now you have the unique chance to get that time back. This hilarious website allows you to create a stickman with your mouse. Sure it will look crude and pretty lame, but you

Nokia snake Game

Nokia Snake Game

Play The Nokia Snake Game Back before the turn of the century (1998) the Nokia snake game was loaded onto all of their phones. It fast became a retro game for all bored people that wanted to kill time.  Sadly, as the dawn of the smart phone happened, the game

Google quick draw game

Google Quick Draw Game

If You’re Bored And Love Drawing Then Play The Quick Draw Game Those clever fellows over at Google HQ have come up with a really cool game that challenges you to draw an object in 20 seconds for the Artificial Intelligence bot to guess. The google quick draw game picks

Kayne Zone

Feeling Bored? Play Kayne Zone

Kayne Zone – The Perfect Game For Bored People Around The World If you are sat in the home or office bored out of your mind, then Kayne Zone is the perfect cure. Built in 2012, this cult game features the rap celebrity Kayne West and his bouncing head.  It

Worlds hardest riddle

The Worlds Hardest Riddle

Waste Time On The Worlds Hardest Riddle If you are sat in the home or office looking pass time away, then look no further.  Notpron claims to be the worlds hardest riddle.  This fun website for boredom presents you with a picture for each level.  It is then up to you

type racer

Type Racer Speed Typing Game

Bored? Then Practice Your Typing Skills With Type Racer The award winning online typing competition/ Type Racer, allows people to race cars against each other by typing quotes from famous movies, well known books, and your favorite songs..  Practice, race your friends or join a random race, this cool website

record paper plane

Fold A World Record Breaking Paper Plane

How to fold the world-record-setting paper airplane Imagine you’re bored in your home or office and you want to do something cool, fun and inspiring? Then why not fold the world record breaking paper aeroplane? In 2012 John M Collins set the world record using a design called Suzanne.  This


Free Rider Game

Free Rider Game – Create Your Very Own Racing Track For Your  Bike With over 500 million plays worldwide, the Free Rider Game has been developed to allow you to build your own racing track for you or others to play on.  So if you are feeling bored out of

most dangerous writing app

Worlds Most Dangerous Writing App

Cure Your Boredom Now With The Worlds Most Dangerous Writing App   The Worlds most dangerous writing app is a really cool website that challenges you to write constantly,without stopping for a set amount of time. Start off slow with 5 minutes of typing, and the move through the levels

T-Rex Running Game

Running T-Rex Game

Relive Your Bygone Years And Cure Boredom With The Running T-Rex Game Do you remember that really cool running T-Rex game that you could get on a Google Page? Well now you can play it here, Spend hours and hours trying to beat your high score by simply pressing the

Virtual Fly Swatter

Virtual Fly Swatter

Cure Your Boredom Now Wit This Virtual Fly Swatter A very clever and talented internet fellow has created a really cool virtual fly swatter website that times how quickly it take you to swot 10 pesky flying critters. Grab the Fly Swatter and squash and squish 10 flies as quickly as

Drunk Walking game

Drunk Walking Game

Bored? Looking For A Fun Game Where You Don’t Have To Think? Then Try The Drunk Walking Game The drunk walking game is a really cool website to play when you’re bored. you can simulate what it is like to have a shed load of beer and stagger home at

create Frankenstein monsters

Create Frankenstein Monsters

Cure Boredom Now And Create Frankenstein Monsters A team of clever boffins have come up with FrankenSim. It’s a really cool website that allows you to Create Frankenstein Monsters using body parts. Its sounds really gross right? but actually, it is really addictive, really funny and really educational. See how the

play golf online

Play Golf Online

Bored Out Of Your Mind? Then Why Not Play Golf Online? World Golf Tour is one of the best online multiplayer virtual golf games the internet has to offer. You can play golf online on actual golf courses located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands and Mexico,It uses a patented 3D photo realistic geo-referencing technology that makes

akinator genie

The Akinator Genie

Cure Your Boredom Now With The Akinator Genie. The Akinator genie is an artificially intelligent mind reader. It will successfully guess the person you are thinking of, by asking a series of questions.  And guess what?  He is always right. Simply press the play button and think of a popular

play classic board games online

Play Classic Board Games Online

Play Classic Board Games Online To Slay That Boring Day This cool website lets you to play classic board games online from the comfort of your own home. Monopoly, Risk, Battleships, Connect 4 plus 100s of others.  Play with your friends or simply pick a game to play with a

feed the head

Feed The Head

Looking For A Crazy WTF Website To Fix Your Boredom? Then Check Out The Feed The Head Game Feed The Head is one of the most Bizarre and addicting games on the internet. It’s basically the outline of a man’s head and the end goal of the game is to do

which owen wilson movie

Which Owen Wilson Movie?

If You Are Bored Then Decide Which Owen Wilson Movie This ‘Wow’ Comes From Owen Wilson is renowned for his WOW’s during his movies, But can you work out Which Owen Wilson Movie has This Wow in it? A cool but useless website for people who just want to kill

eyeballing game

The Eyeballing Game

Test Your Hand Eye Co-Ordination With The Eyeballing Game The eyeballing game tests your geometry skills in 7 different areas over three cycles. It is hugely addictive and fun and will slay that boring day for hours. How good did you get? let us know in the comments box below.

retro games

Play Retro Games

Slay That Boring Day With A Huge Selection Of Retro Games From The Past Retro Games brings you a huge selection of classic games from the past to slay that boring day. Sonic, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong. This cool website has it all. Simply sign up with Facebook or email

escape games

Escape Games

Bored? Love Escape The Room Games? Then You Have Come To The Right Place If you are having a really boring day? then check out the best escape games online! These cool strategy games might be tricky sometimes, so be prepared. The players must try to work out difficult puzzles

drinking games

The Best Drinking Games

Put An End To Those Boring Nights In The Pub – With The Best Drinking Games Ever If you fancy a change from the same old boring drinking games, then this funny website has a huge list of every single one. Handle this with care, obviously.this will bring you lots

paper place

Paper Plane Game

How Far Can You Throw The Paper Plane? The aim of the paper plane game is to throw your plane along an office room, whilst trying miss the obstacles that are around you.  There are lots obstacles from office furniture to printers and ceiling fans.  The total distance of your

shooting squirrel

Shooting Squirrel

Shooting Squirrel What’s cooler than blasting things away with a laser shooting squirrel to cure a boring day? Well welcome to the right place. Enter the game, become a squirrel and spend hours on end shooting various items, including Donald Trump! how cool is that?    

Trash Loop Game

Trash Loop Game

Trash Loop Game Trash loop is a hand eye co-ordination game that lets you toss a ball of paper into a trash can from different angles.  Now, whilst this may be a useless website it does serve a purpose. Not only does it get the brain working, it also allows

magic pen game

Magic Pen Game

The Magic Pen Game The ‘Magic Pen Game’ is an ultra geeky physics based doodle game. It is fiercely addictive, and perfect for the i am bored victims of society. To Win this game you have to push a big red ball across the screen, using only the shapes that

hitchhikers guide

HitchHikers Guide Game

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Game Are you bored? are fan of the hugely successful hitchhikers guide to the galaxy film and series? then you will love this amazing role playing game. This game is specifically designed for bored people and is more difficult than you could possibly image,

free rice

Free Rice – Help The Hungry

Free Rice – Help The Hungry If you are bored and you really want to make a difference. Free Rice will commit 10 grams of rice for every question you get right through the world food programme.  Yes!! they really will. This website is committed to reducing hunger around the

invisible cow

Hunt The Invisible Cow

Find the invisible cow If you are feeling bored then the invisible cow game is more than enough to occupy you. The closer you are to the cow, the louder and more high pitched the sound will get. Once you are hovering over the cow, your cursor will turn green.

rock paper scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors Are you too lazy to think? then Play this hugely popular rock paper scissors game online to cure your boredom and kill time.  

the higher lower game

Higher Lower Game

The Higher Lower Game What gets googled more? the higher lower game is a hugely addictive game that asks you to guess which google search is the most popular.  Perfect for killing time with boredom      

google predictor

Google Predictor

Google Predictor Are you able to predict what google is thinking when you type in a phrase? then check out this google predictor game. i.e What comes after cucumbers are??? you have 3 guesses.    

dots and boxes game

Dots and Boxes Game

Dots and Boxes Game Play the classic dots and boxes game. based on the popular paper based game you can now play against the computer to help get through those boring days  

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