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Then Check out our range of funny, useless and fun online games for bored people just to keep you occupied through those lifeless days. Here at bored a lot, we don’t publish the normal shoot em up’s that every other web page provides.  We are different.  We trawl the 4 corners of the internet to bring you the weird, the bizarre, the crazy,  and the games that you never knew existed. Why? Because even the most avid gamer gets bored and wants to try something different.  So go on.  Push Trump off a cliff.  play a full round of virtual golf or play a shoot em up with an Astro Alpaca  You know you want to!

If you know of a fun online games, or you own one yourself, then submit it to us and if it meets our criteria we will add it to the vaults.

Remember,the weirder the better for us, and we love unusual stuff that has people scratching thier heads in disbelief. So don’t be shy, give us a try!

QWOP the worlds hardest game

Play The QWOP Game – Worlds Hardest Game

QWOP - The Worlds Hardest Game The QWOP  game is quite possibly the hardest game that has ever been invented ...
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The Wiki Game

Play The Wiki Game

The Wiki Game - Perfect For Boredom The Wikipedia race is a cult game that pitches multiplayer's to get to ...
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Draw A Stickman

Draw A Stickman Remember the time you learnt how to draw stickman on your school workbooks? Now you have the ...
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Nokia snake Game

Nokia Snake Game

Play The Nokia Snake Game Back before the turn of the century (1998) the Nokia snake game was loaded onto ...
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virtual online boyfriend

Virtual Online Boyfriend

Have Nothing To Do? Then Why Not Look After A Virtual Online Boyfriend? If you has bored at work or ...
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Google quick draw game

Google Quick Draw Game

If You're Bored And Love Drawing Then Play The Quick Draw Game Those clever fellows over at Google HQ have ...
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geo guesser

Geo Guessr Geography Game

Having A Boring Day? Love Geography? Then Play Geo Guessr If you are sat in the home or office wishing ...
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2d driving simulator

2D Driving Simulator

Feeling Bored? Then Play This 2D Driving Simulator. This amazing bored website allows you to drive around any location in ...
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Kayne Zone

Feeling Bored? Play Kayne Zone

Kayne Zone - The Perfect Game For Bored People Around The World If you are sat in the home or ...
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Worlds hardest riddle

The Worlds Hardest Riddle

Waste Time On The Worlds Hardest Riddle If you are sat in the home or office looking pass time away, ...
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type racer

Type Racer Speed Typing Game

Bored? Then Practice Your Typing Skills With Type Racer The award winning online typing competition/ Type Racer, allows people to ...
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record paper plane

Fold A World Record Breaking Paper Plane

How to fold the world-record-setting paper airplane Imagine you're bored in your home or office and you want to do ...
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Free Rider Game

Free Rider Game - Create Your Very Own Racing Track For Your  Bike With over 500 million plays worldwide, the ...
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most dangerous writing app

Worlds Most Dangerous Writing App

Cure Your Boredom Now With The Worlds Most Dangerous Writing App The Worlds most dangerous writing app is a really ...
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T-Rex Running Game

Running T-Rex Game

Relive Your Bygone Years And Cure Boredom With The Running T-Rex Game Do you remember that really cool running T-Rex ...
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Virtual Fly Swatter

Virtual Fly Swatter

Cure Your Boredom Now Wit This Virtual Fly Swatter A very clever and talented internet fellow has created a really ...
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Drunk Walking game

Drunk Walking Game

Bored? Looking For A Fun Game Where You Don't Have To Think? Then Try The Drunk Walking Game The drunk ...
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create Frankenstein monsters

Create Frankenstein Monsters

Cure Boredom Now And Create Frankenstein Monsters A team of clever boffins have come up with FrankenSim. It's a really ...
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play golf online

Play Golf Online

Bored Out Of Your Mind? Then Why Not Play Golf Online? World Golf Tour is one of the best online multiplayer virtual golf games ...
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akinator genie

The Akinator Genie

Cure Your Boredom Now With The Akinator Genie. The Cartoon Mind Reader The Akinator genie is an artificially intelligent mind ...
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play classic board games online

Play Classic Board Games Online

Play Classic Board Games Online To Slay That Boring Day This cool website lets you to play classic board games ...
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feed the head

Feed The Head

Looking For A Crazy WTF Website To Fix Your Boredom? Then Check Out The Feed The Head Game Feed The ...
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mugshot game

The Mugshot Game

The Mugshot Game Is A Funny Website That Will Be Sure To Cure Your Boring Day The Humor Website Smoking ...
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which owen wilson movie

Which Owen Wilson Movie?

If You Are Bored Then Decide Which Owen Wilson Movie This 'Wow' Comes From Owen Wilson is renowned for his ...
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eyeballing game

The Eyeballing Game

Test Your Hand Eye Co-Ordination With The Eyeballing Game The eyeballing game tests your geometry skills in 7 different areas ...
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push trump off the cliff

Push Trump Off A Cliff

Having A Boring Day? Need A Laugh? Then Why Push Trump Off A Cliff Push Trump off a cliff allows ...
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destroy my computer

Destroy My Computer Game

Felling Bored and Frustrated? The Destroy My Computer Is The Game For You Destroy My Computer is a cool game ...
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100 meter scroll

100 Meter Scroll

 The 100 Meter Scroll Cure your boredom now with the 100 meter scroll. Do you know someone who is constantly ...
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jedi trainer

Jedi Training

Keep Thinking I'm Bored? Then Why Not Take Up Jedi Training? Welcome to the Jedi Training - The Ultimate cure ...
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retro games

Play Retro Games

Slay That Boring Day With A Huge Selection Of Retro Games From The Past Retro Games brings you a huge ...
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escape games

Escape Games

Bored? Love Escape The Room Games? Then You Have Come To The Right Place If you are having a really ...
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drinking games

The Best Drinking Games

Put An End To Those Boring Nights In The Pub - With The Best Drinking Games Ever If you fancy ...
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paper place

Paper Plane Game

How Far Can You Throw The Paper Plane? The aim of the paper plane game is to throw your plane ...
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shooting squirrel

Shooting Squirrel

Shooting Squirrel What's cooler than blasting things away with a laser shooting squirrel to cure a boring day? Well welcome ...
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trash loop

Trash Loop

Trash Loop - Test Your Hand Eye Co-Ordination Cure Your Boredom Trash loop is a hand eye co-ordination game that ...
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free games

10000 Free Games

10000 Free Games To Cure Your Boredom With over 10000 free games to put an end to your boring day,  ...
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virtual piano

Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano Virtual Piano is an awesome idea to cure your boredom, and what's great is that no one appears to have ...
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magic pen game

Magic Pen Game

The Magic Pen Game The 'Magic Pen Game' is an ultra geeky physics based doodle game. It is fiercely addictive, ...
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hitchhikers guide

HitchHikers Guide Game

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Game Are you bored? are fan of the hugely successful hitchhikers guide to the ...
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free rice

Free Rice – Help The Hungry

Free Rice - Help The Hungry If you are bored and you really want to make a difference. Free Rice ...
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invisible cow

Hunt The Invisible Cow

Find the invisible cow If you are feeling bored then the invisible cow game is more than enough to occupy ...
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rock paper scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors Are you too lazy to think? then Play this hugely popular rock paper scissors game online to ...
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the higher lower game

Higher Lower Game

The Higher Lower Game What gets googled more? the higher lower game is a hugely addictive game that asks you ...
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google predictor

Google Predictor

Google Predictor Are you able to predict what google is thinking when you type in a phrase? then check out ...
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dots and boxes game

Dots and Boxes Game

Dots and Boxes Game Play the classic dots and boxes game. based on the popular paper based game you can ...
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Astro Alpaca

Astro Alpaca

The Astro Alpaca Game Have you ever wanted to pilot an Alpaca in space? then this is the website to ...
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