Bored? Then Practice Your Typing Skills With Type Racer

The award winning online typing competition/ Type Racer, allows people to race cars against each other by typing quotes from famous movies, well known books, and your favorite songs..  Practice, race your friends or join a random race, this cool website will cure your boredom and increase your words per minute at the same time. If you are quick enough, you can even log your score in their hall of fame. remember. the average person can only type between 38 and 40 words per minute.  How will you pitch against a professional speed type that can flash thier fingers at a dizzy 65-70 words per minute.

So instead of checking the same facebook feed over and over, or reading useless information for the sake of it.  Put those typing skills to the test right now.   Let us know in the comments how quick you got to and weather you won the race.

type racer

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The type racer is part of the dexterity tests category that brings you cool and amazing websites such as the blueprints to building a world record breaking paper airplane? How cool would it be do go from bored to a record breaker.  Or even playing QWOP, the worlds hardest game.  This website will turn you from bored into raging psychopath, whilst laughing your head off at the same time.

If you own or know of a website that would fit into this or any other category, then let us know. We would love to add it to our vaults. Simply submit it to us via one of our links or through our menu bar.   Help boredom around the world.



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