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Check out our enormous range of funny websites from around the world to satisfy your boredom.  Where else can you spend Bill gates money for him? Blow up your any internet page? or even see what famous celebrities look like with no eyebrows?  So sit back, arm yourself with some supplies for the day and have some much needed fun in your life. We promise you that these sites are guaranteed to get the laughter juices flowing and turn that grumpy, frustrated frown on your face into a happy smiley one.  Don’t forget, if you own a website, or you know of a website that would look good in this category, then don’t forget to submit it to us. We will then try our best to add it to our vaults.

keep laughing forever

Keep Laughing Forever – 100’s Jokes & Riddles

Keep Laughing Forever Jokes Now at Bored A Lot we love a joke. So it’s no surprise that this funny website appealed to us. Keep laughing forever has a huge range of jokes and one liners to keep you occupied for the rest of the day. If you’re ever in

Where's the sloth game

Where Is The Sloth Game?

Where Is The Sloth Game Everyone loves sloths right? Well this game is right up your street.  Using your mobile pinkie or your mouse you can navigate around the screen until you come across the gangster sloth. He is out there somewhere we promise you. Track Him down Once you

My 90s TV

My 90s TV Simulator

My 90s TV Simulator Do you remember the 1990’s?  You know, the time where the Spice Girls made their mark on the world for evermore and  the Fresh Prince landed in Bell Air.  Well now, a boffin of all things internet has come up with a really cool website that

Star Wars Intro Creator

Star Wars Intro Creator

Star Wars Into Creator The star wars intro creator is a cult website that allows you to write your own scrolling text in the Star Wars style.  You are now able to substitute the famous words ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away for your very own. 

Brides Throwing Cats

Brides Throwing Cats

Brides Throwing Cats. Brides throwing cats is a classic website where some genius on tumblr has come up with the idea of replacing brides throwing bouquets of flowers with kitty cats. Obviously these cats are photoshopped, and we promise that no cats were harmed in the making of this cool

Hungover Owls

Hungover Owls

Cure Your Boredom Now With 100s of Pictures Of Hungover Owls   You’re probably thinking the same as us right?  I  didn’t know that owls partied hard and got drunk,  Well apparently they do,and they live life to the extreme.   If you’re really bored and want some much needed smiles

Spend Bill Gates Money

Spend Bill Gates Money

Cure Your Boredom And Spend Bill Gates Money You have $100,000,000,000 of Bill Gates money to spend. but what will you blow it on?  This really cool but pointless and useless website will help you with that. Choose from a huge range of items from $2 big macs to multi

Empire strikes back mashup

Funny Star Wars Mashup

Funny Star Wars Mash Up Video With over 480 fan made sections, the Empire Strikes Back Uncut features a funny star wars mash up of styles and film making techniques. This includes, animation, live action and stop-motion. The project began in 2013, with fans owning 15 second scenes to mash

Draw A stickman Adventure

Draw A Stickman Adventure

Draw A Stickman Adventure Remember the time you learnt how to draw stickman on your school workbooks? Now you have the unique chance to get that time back. This hilarious website allows you to create a stickman with your mouse. Sure it will look crude and pretty lame, but you

Dating Profile generator

Funny Dating Profile Generator

Bored Of Your Single Life? Then Check Out This Funny Dating Profile Generator Are you getting fed up of your single life? would you like to try yourself on the dating scene and really sell yourself with a kick ass write up?  Or are you simply just curious what your

Design Your Own Money

Bored? Then design your own money Do you ever wish you could print your own money?  well now you can, kind of. This really cool website allows you to put your face, or someone elses mugshot on loads of different currencies from around the world. American dollars, British Pounds,Turkish lira,

The Duck Song

The Duck Song – Funny & Really Annoying

Bored? Then Listen to the duck song. We promise you wont forget it The duck song is one of those catchy and funny tunes that you will never get out of your head. Basically, it’s about an animated and super annoying duck.  This duck in 2009 walked up to a

real air guitars

Real Air Guitars

Turn I’m Bored Into Real Air Guitars Music Are you a music lover? have you ever wanted to master the Air Guitar?  Well this cool website is the worlds only manufacturer and supplier of real air guitars.  This random and pointless website stocks a large range of electric and acoustic

Talk Obama To Me

Funny Talk Obama To Me

Feeling Bored? Check Out This Funny Talk Obama To Me This really cool and funny website allows you to type up to 230 characters into a box.  You can then sit back and listen to that exact sentence being repeated by Mr Obama himself.  The words are taken from the

Wobbly Funny Faces

Make Your Own Wobbly Funny Faces

Wiblr – The Home Of Wobbly Funny Faces A genius of the internet world has come up with Wiblr – A cool and hilarious website that allows you to turn any photo into a wibbly wobbly face.  Use a stock photo from their huge range, or if you are really

Cute Bunny Videos

Cute Bunny Videos

 Love Rabbits? Have Some Cute Bunny Videos Everybody loves fluffy bunny rabbits right?  So a genius of the internet has come up with a really cool and adorable website focused on the big eared bunnies. lets you click through hundreds of videos and gifs of cute rabbits from around

traffic cone appreciation society

Traffic Cone Preservation Society

The Traffic Cone Preservation Society. If you are completely bored out of your mind, or you have a deep love of traffic cones, then this is the website for you. Up until the late 20th century, traffic cones weren’t thought worthy enough for a scientific study. It is therefore the

Freaky Food Museum

Freaky Food Museum

Check Out The Freaky Food Museum The Freaky Food museum is a collection of fruit, vegetables and general food from around the world that look funny and weird.  The Museum of Food Anomalies™ is an online exhibition of real food that’s gone horribly wrong in one way or another. From

Pimped up food

Pimped Up Food

This Cool Website Takes Snacking To A Whole New Level By Showing 100s Of Images Of Ginormous Pimped Up Food Pimp my snack has been around for years. It started off with the website creator designing a humongous Kit Kat Crunchie. When they posted this concoction on social media, the

Celebrities Without Eyebrows

Celebrities Without Eyebrows

Laugh At Celebrities Without Eyebrows Some genius of the internet has come up with an amazing and hilarious website to make you smile. Are you looking for something to cheer you up? You’ve got it. Celebrities without eyebrows is a funny site with a bizarre and unusual set of photos

evil tomato haters

Evil Tomato Haters

Kill Your Boredom Now With A Website Dedicated To Evil Tomato Haters Some people just hate tomatoes because they don’t like the taste. However, other people think they’re pure evil, which is why this cool website seems to exist. Dedicated to evil tomato haters around the world, you can find

Donald Trump Dumplings

Donald Trump Dumplings- Trumplings

Why Not Drop Some Donald Trump Dumplings ‘Trumplings’ Into A Steamer? The cool website ‘Trumplings’ makes America taste great again. Drop multiple steaming hot Donald Trump Dumplings into a steamer until it is completely full. Get a different animated face every time you press the more button.  Drop as many

funny guinea pig stuff

Just Funny Guinea Pig Stuff

If You’re Felling Bored and You Want Something Different. Then A Website About Funny Guinea Pig Stuff Is Just the Cure For You If you love cute little guinea pigs doing fun and crazy things. then this cool website is definitely your cure for boredom. it features hilarious and funny

bongo cat

Bongo Cat

Slay Your Boredom With Bongo Cat. Some geniuses of the internet have created Bongo Cat. That’s right, a really clever virtual cat that plays a variety of musical instruments.  This is a cool and funny website that allows you to control a bongo, cymbal and piano playing cat with your

age predictor

Age Predictor

Cure Your Boredom With The Age Predictor – Find Out How Old You Really Look The age predictor is a really cool website that allows you to upload a photograph of you or a friend, it will then tell you how old you look in terms of years. Do you

presidential order

Presidential Order Creator

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Create Your Own Presidential Order? If you are having a boring day then create your very own presidential order? Just enter the text and your order comes on a book in the hands of Donald Trump.  This cool website is great for pranksters, Trump lovers

poop on trump

Poop On Trump

Put An End To Your Boredom With Poop On Trump Whether you are a fan of Donald Trump or not, the Poop on Trump is a cool website that allows you to drop loads of steaming turds onto the US president. Choose your style of poop and away you go!

pet face switch

Pet Face Switch

If You Are A Pet Lover You Can Now Face Switch With Your Favorite Animal And Mould Both Faces Into one Pet face switch is a crazy funny website that allows you to combine your face and that of your favorite pet to make one glorious and bizarre creation.  So,

elf yourself

Elf Yourself

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Elf Yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to superimpose faces onto a bunch of dancing elves? Well Elf Yourself does just that. Take a selfie, upload it to the app and away you go! Get it as an app now on android or iphone or get

blow up your internet page

Blow Up Your Internet Page

Is The Website Your Reading Making You Bored? Then Why Not Blow Up Your Internet Page? The font bomb is a  cool website if you are bored and just want to blow up your internet page, Read something you don’t like? set the timer for 3 seconds and kaboom  away

GIF Dance Party

Gif Dance Party

Gif Dance Party Is The Best Party On The Internet Cure your chronic boredom now with the hilarious GIF dance party, Choose your song from a list of classics, select your dance floor and your GIFS and away you go. The dance party Gifs range from a grooving banana to

trump trumpet

Toot The Trump Trumpet

Toot The Trump Trumpet Weather you are a fan of Donald Trump or not, The Trump Trumpet is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and cure your boredom.  So crank up the volume, and move this party trumpet around Mr Trumps face and let it blow away.  This

morph two faces

Morph Two Faces

Bored – Want To See What Two Random Faces Morphed Together Looks Like? Then Look No Further Morph Thing is a funny website that actually lets you morph two faces together into one. Morph Celebrities, or even your own face with another. You can even see what your kids will

live kitten cam

Live Kitten Cam

Get Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness With This Live Kitten Cam Having a boring day? Then put all of that to rest with this live kitten cam. This cuteness overload features a family of young cats cuddling, playing, and being all-around adorable. They are filmed in a cat sanctuary, which

epic fail

Epic Fail

There Is Nothing Better Than Curing Your Boredom With Laughing At An Epic Fail Epic Fail  Pokes fun at rich people crashing supercars, skateboarders doing silly things, and people totally embarrassing themselves. We all know what’s coming with epic fail videos, but they never cease to be totally hilarious There

feeling unlucky

Feeling Unlucky

Need A Laugh? Checkout Google ‘Feeling Unlucky’ The World famous Google  “Feeling Lucky” takes took you directly to the first search result for any query, without ever loading the page. The feeling unlucky button is literally the opposite, as it takes you to the last search result for any query.

funny headlines

Create Funny Headlines

Kill Your Boredom By Creating Your Own Funny Headlines Don’t you wish you could create your own funny headlines and send the fake news to your friends? Well now you can with ‘break you own news’ Think up any bizarre and outlandish news story you want. Add the image, Save

end of the world

End Of The World

Bored? Well it could be the end of the world soon. Check out these scenarios with a funny twist Some crowds like to collect postage stamps; Exit Mundi collects end of the world scenarios. Sure, our lovely world could get hit by an asteroid. But hey, that’s nothing. Did you know

auto correct

Damn You Auto Correct

Bored? Need a Laugh? Then Visit Damn You Auto Correct If you are a smartphone owner you have probably had to deal with the situations where you wanted to write something, but the auto correct option wrote something completely different.  Damn You Auto Correct brings you loads of funny text

Worst Things

The Worst Things For Sale

The Worst Things For Sale The worst things for sale posts all the of worst things up for sale on the internet, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true and this will keep your boring day at bay for hours on end. From weirdest clothes to the wackiest inventions,, this funny website

college humor

College Humor

College Humor – Fix Your Boring Day With This Very Funny Website College Humor is one of the most popular humor websites on the web.  If you’re bored then this is the place where you can find all sorts of entertaining and wildly hilarious articles, along with videos and photos.


Bored Panda

Bored Panda Could this sites name be any more appropriate? Bored Panda is website you need when you want to find funny, interesting and visually appealing content. It’s a webiste that posts regular updates on the coolest finds in humor, travel, illustration, animals, DIY, technology, design and all sorts of


People Of Walmart

People Of Walmart – End Your Boring Day By Laughing At Others People of Walmart is exactly what it sounds like: A load of photographs taken of people in WalMart who look a bit weird, strange and downright odd.. Check out 1000s of images to relieve your boredom.  This website

is it normal

Is It Normal ?

Is It Normal ? Put a stop to your boring day now! Is it normal is a website that allows curious and very bored people to ask questions that they wouldn’t feel comfortable doing face to face.  Very Funny And very weird in equal measures, this will keep you occupied

awkward family photos

Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos – Stop Boredom Now! Awkward family photos is a collection of the funniest family photos the internet has to offer.  Spend hours of your boring day trawling through these embarrassing and funny photographs.  With a collection of thousands of photographs, this is one of the funniest websites

stinkmoji facial recognition

Stinkmoji Facial Recognition

Stinkmoji Facial Recognition Pump up your speakers,boot up your webcam. And pull a face at your computer. The Stinkmoji facial recognition experience uses a 3D emoji to mirror the faces you make at the camera. It will even include an Easter egg if you open your mouth wide enough. This

one tiny hand

One Tiny Hand

One Tiny Hand One Tiny Hand looks at only one piece of the body and makes you laugh at the images of celebrities with just one hand reduced in size. With Donald Trump and Kim Jung un featuring heavily on this site, this will cure your boring day for a

don't even reply

Don’t Even Reply

Don’t Even Reply This is a collection of e-mails that have sent to people who post classified ads. Their goal is to mess with them, confuse them, and/or piss them off.  These are hilarious, and will allow you to forget about your boring day for hours on end, you may