Funny Donald Trump Websites For Bored People

Donald John Trump is the 45th President of the United States Of America.  And dare we say the most controversial and entertaining.  Most politicians are the butt of people jokes. However DT seems to have it a little more than most.  So here at Bored A Lot, we have trawled through our vaults and found our  Best collection of Funny Donald Trump Websites For Bored People to keep you entertained.  If you know of any websites we have missed, then please let us know. We would love to add to our collection. 

Donald Trump Dumplings – Trumplings 

Donald Trump Dumplings

The cool website Trumplings makes America taste great again. Drop multiple Donald Trump Dumplings into a steamer until it is completely full. Completely Pointless, but lots of fun. 

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Poop On Trump

poop on trump

Another random website that does exactly what you’d expect.  Drop multiple steaming hot turds onto Mr Trumps Face. Say I’m Bored no more, and have some good old fashioned immature fun.  You can  even choose the type of poop you want to use. A smiley poop, an evil poop, a three eyed poop.  The decision is yours.

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Bouncing Trump 

bouncing trump

Very Similar to Trumplings, the bouncing trump is what it says. You start of with one young looking Donald Trump head Jumping around your screen, You then get to add as many as you want and watch them all bouncing at the same time.  You can even change the size of his head. 

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Push Trump Off A Cliff 

push trump off the cliff

Push Trump

Many people would confess to wanting to, but now you have the opportunity to Push the 45th president off a cliff into the abyss. Slowly teeter him towards the end, and when you are ready.  Put him out of his misery. 

The site has been recently updated and you are now able to push Trump down a drain.  Into a volcano of steaming Lava and into the mouth of a Huge T-REX

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Trump Trumpet 

trump trumpet

Fed up of saying Im Bored? well now you can move a beautifully crafted trumpet around Donald trumps head and  toot him as many times as you want. See his flowing locks stand on end as you blow your trumpet at full blast.

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We hope you liked our Funny Donald Trump Websites. Don’t forget, if we have missed any off our list then we would love to hear from you .  

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