Funny Donald Trump Websites To Make You Smile

It can never be argued that Donald J Trump hasn’t made an impact on the world since he has been in power. Like hm or loathe him he really is rarely out of the news and sometimes forms the butt of everyone’s jokes. So here at Bored A Lot we are no different and haver decided to go along with the flow and create a category specifically for the good man himself.  Here you will find the best websites on the planet that look to poke fun at Mr Trump with the sole reason of putting a smile on your face.  What a nice man he is to do this for us all.  See fun sites such as trumpsults.  A page dedicated to the best insults that have ever come out of DJT’s mouth.  Or how about the hugely popular push trump off a cliff.  Take him to the edge of a cliff, and with the swipe of a finger or a flicker of a mouse fling him off a ravine to his imminent death.  On this page you can also have him eaten by a huge dinosaur or push him into a volcano full of steaming hot lava.  Great fun if you want to get rid of some frustration after a stressful day.

So rest assured, if there is a site out there mocking Donald trump then we have it, and if we don’t then we want to hear from you. Help us to make this page the biggest resource on the internet for funny Donald trump websites and help to cure boredom around the world.  We would love to hear from you if you have found one that we haven’t got listed. Simply post the link in the comments section and leave the rest to us.

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