Why Not Drop Some Donald Trump Dumplings ‘Trumplings’ Into A Steamer?

The cool website ‘Trumplings’ makes America taste great again. Drop multiple steaming hot Donald Trump Dumplings into a steamer until it is completely full. Get a different animated face every time you press the more button.  Drop as many images as you like into the steamer.  And whats really cool is the fact that every Tumpling that lands will deliver you an inspiring Donald Trump Quote.  So, crank up the volume and  have a laugh at the expense of the  45th President of the United States of America.

This is yet another stupid, bizarre and funny Donald Trump site to add to our list, and although it is completely pointless, it will keep a smile on your face and cure your boredom for at least a few minutes.

Donald Trump Dumplings

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Bored a lot loves to bring you the best websites for bored people.  So as well as this funny website, we have also complied the funniest Donald Trump Websites all in one place.  Check out the link below, or visit or full list to see every website that is listed in our vaults.

Funny donald trump websites

Let us know in the comments section your favorite.

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