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Do you love a good task or mission impossible?  Well now you have it.  Check out our hand eye coordination category.  If you think yourself an expert of dexterity then these are the links for you.  Here you will find little gems such as the google flight simulator.  Fly online and for free of the google maps of your own home or backyard.  You can even fly to the local supermarket and land in the carpark if that’s your type of thing? Or how about testing your typing skills against others.  You can even build and fly a world record breaking paper air plane. We literally have 1000s of fun and weird websites that are suited to people with nothing to do and are bored at work, bored at home or just looking for something fun to do online.

Click on any of the sites below to be taken to a full description of what it is all about.  If it is’t for you then you can clink on any random website button to be transported somewhere different.



Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Play The Google Flight Simulator Now Using real and detailed maps from any location around the world this Google Earth flight Simulator allows you to travel anywhere from the comfort of your home, office or train journey home.  Running with real physics software you are able to take off from

Draw The Perfect Circle

Draw The Perfect Circle

Can You Draw The Perfect Circle ? How good do you think your hand eye coordination is? Well lets put it to the test. Now according to a really clever person in Arizona university Natalia Dounskaia, a kinesiology professor. Yep we don’t know what that means either, it is almost

The Potato Peeling Game

The Potato Peeling Game

The Potato Peeling Game Do you love preparing and cooking food? Well this potato Peeling Game is all that you need to relieve your boring day.  The aim of the game is simple, drag the peeler around the spud as quickly as you can.  Whilst this may seem simple when

Paint Your Own Nails

Paint Your Own Nails Simulator

Paint Your Own Nails Simulator Are you into your beauty? do you love to paint your nails? well this simulator does this for you?  This nail polish dexterity game will test your hand eye co-ordination whilst at the same time curing your boring day!  use your mouse or mouse pad

Worlds Dumbest Game

Worlds Dumbest Game

Worlds Dumbest Game As the title of this post suggests, this is the worlds dumbest game. And you are quite simply presented with one important task to complete.  All you have to do is hold a button down by a click of your mouse and see how long you can

toilet paper unrolling

Toilet Paper Unrolling – Funny Toilet Humor

Toilet Paper Unrolling For People Who Are Really Bored. Feeling bored out of your mind? then this toilet paper unrolling website is for you. Don’t go scouring websites like reddit or buzzfeed for the same old content. This is where it is happening.  Spend your time unrolling a full roll

Space X Simulator Game

SpaceX Simulator Game

SpaceX Simulator Game   If you love all things space and geeky then this game is right up your street, the SpaceX simulator game allows you to pilot your very own craft (The Dragon 2) and dock with the international space station. But it is not as simple as that.

QWOP the worlds hardest game

Play The QWOP Game – Worlds Hardest Game

QWOP – The Worlds Hardest Game The QWOP  game is quite possibly the hardest game that has ever been invented. Test your knowledge of anatomy to make the athlete run. We manged to get to a fantastic 4.17 meters which is barely a step in Usain Bolts world.  The Keys

Free online Hearing Tests

Online hearing Test

Take Your Free Online Hearing Test Are you fed up with people shouting at you? Well if you’re looking for things to do when you’re bored then take this free online hearing test.  This 60 second test tests your ability to listen to sounds ranging from 20- 20000hz, it is

type racer

Type Racer Speed Typing Game

Bored? Then Practice Your Typing Skills With Type Racer The award winning online typing competition/ Type Racer, allows people to race cars against each other by typing quotes from famous movies, well known books, and your favorite songs..  Practice, race your friends or join a random race, this cool website

Learn Morse Code

Learn Morse Code

Learn Morse Code Are you sat in front of your phone or laptop bored out of your mind? Then why not learn morse code? Developed in the 1840s, and before the  telephone as we  know it.  (And yes! even before cell phones were invented) it was designed to communicate across

record paper plane

Fold A World Record Breaking Paper Plane

How to fold the world-record-setting paper airplane Imagine you’re bored in your home or office and you want to do something cool, fun and inspiring? Then why not fold the world record breaking paper aeroplane? In 2012 John M Collins set the world record using a design called Suzanne.  This

most dangerous writing app

Worlds Most Dangerous Writing App

Cure Your Boredom Now With The Worlds Most Dangerous Writing App   The Worlds most dangerous writing app is a really cool website that challenges you to write constantly,without stopping for a set amount of time. Start off slow with 5 minutes of typing, and the move through the levels

Shoelace site

Interesting Shoelace Site

If You’re Looking For Something Completely Bizarre To Slay Your Boredom Then Check Out Ian’s Shoelace Site. Ian’s Shoelace site is Fashion, Fun & Science all rolled into one cool website, and it’s the Internet’s number 1 website about shoelaces and home of the famous Ian Knot, which claims to

shrinking russian dolls

Shrinking Russian Dolls

Cure Boredom Now By Shrinking Russian Dolls One Pixel At A Time Some genius of the internet has come up with a really cool website that takes the world famous shrinking Russian Dolls and reduce them in size a pixel at a time.  A completely pointless website, but it will

cutting bread test

Cutting Bread Test

Think You Are Good With Your Hands? Then Try This Cutting Bread Test. If you like to do hand eye co-ordination tasks then you will love this cool website that tests your accuracy in a cutting bread test with a virtual knife . Choose the type of bread you want

learn to juggle

Learn To Juggle

Bored? Looking For Something To Do? Then Why Not Learn To Juggle Juggling is a talent and a skill that takes months and sometimes years to perfect. So why not cure your boredom by doing something useful and learn to juggle?  Our awesome sister site has everything that you

1 second clicks

1 Second Clicks

1 Second Clicks Bored at work or home? Are you sat there with nothing to do. Then lets see how accurately can you make 1 second clicks for 10 whole seconds?  This awesome game and cool website puts your internal clock, your dexterity skills and timing to the test. Can

don't click it

Don’t Click It

Can You Navigate A Whole Website Without Clicking Your Mouse? Try It At ‘Don’t Click It’  Don’t click it is an amazing website that lets users navigate around it by simply moving your mouse, mouse pad or mobile. If you click then you lose! Can you get through the whole site

virtual hand clapping

Virtual Hand Clapping

Bored? Why Not Waste Endless Hours Virtual Hand Clapping Virtual hand clapping is harder than it looks.  Use your mouse or mobile device to clap two hands together time after time,  Why not waste time on this boredom busting website, whilst practising your dexterity skills?

eyeballing game

The Eyeballing Game

Test Your Hand Eye Co-Ordination With The Eyeballing Game The eyeballing game tests your geometry skills in 7 different areas over three cycles. It is hugely addictive and fun and will slay that boring day for hours. How good did you get? let us know in the comments box below.

speed typing game

Speed Typing Game

Having a Boring Office Day? Do You Thing You’re A quick Typist ? Then Try This Speed Typing Game This speed typing game tests how good your skills are in a cool arcade website, Cure your boredom whilst increasing your world per minute speed via a series of challenges, games

learn origami

Learn Origami

If Your Are Felling Bored And Want Something To Do. Learn Origami? Take some time out of your boring life and do something fun and productive. Now you can learn origami and be an expert in the Japaneses art of paper folding.  Choose from hundreds of designs with simple step

Drawing logos from memory

Drawing Logos From Memory

Test Your Artistic Skills and Kill Your Boredom By Drawing Logos From Memory Bored? Feeling artistic? Then why not play this game where you try Drawing logos from memory and comparing them to the real thing?  With lots of different logos from different companies, you can test your drawing and

paper plane making

Paper Plane Making

Having a boring day? When not try Paper Plane Making With a huge selection of paper aeroplane designs, this paper plane making website has a design for all types.  Aerobatic,distance, and time aloft. With easy to follow instructions from easy to expert. this cool site will test you hand eye coordination

invisible cow

Hunt The Invisible Cow

Find the invisible cow If you are feeling bored then the invisible cow game is more than enough to occupy you. The closer you are to the cow, the louder and more high pitched the sound will get. Once you are hovering over the cow, your cursor will turn green.

fidget spinner

Online Fidget Spinner

Online Fidget Spinner Were you part of the fidget spinner craze? Are you too bored and lazy to pick your own finger up? then this online fidget spinner is for you . Simply spin it with your mouse and you are away!  how fast can you go?  

We hope you enjoyed these hand eye coordination category.  If you’re still bored then why not visit the other websites in the family. Will will guarantee you that there is something for every taste and we will keep you occupied for hours on end.  You can also visit our community for people that are having a really boring day.  Talk to like minded folk, or just see what they are doing to cure boredom.

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