Can You Draw The Perfect Circle ?

Draw The Perfect Circle

How good do you think your hand eye coordination is? Well lets put it to the test. Now according to a really clever person in Arizona university Natalia Dounskaia, a kinesiology professor. Yep we don’t know what that means either, it is almost impossible to draw the perfect circle. Apparently our tiny brains can’t comprehend all of the changes needed to get around the full 360 degrees. So do you accept the challenge? Are you there special one who can draw the perfect circle? This website is pretty self explanatory. How perfect is your circle. We tried time and time again but could not improve on 92.2%. If you’re bored at home then this game is surprisingly addictive.. Let us know in the comments section how well you did.

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This site is part of the dexterity websites category. The home to 100s of weird and wonderful websites that are designed to test your hand eye coordination.  Give sites such as the potato peeling game and the Google flight simulator a go. They are two completely different challenges, but both will get the grey matter working when you have nothing to do. 

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