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interesting websites

Don’t you wish that you could while away your day with lots of useless facts and figures? well look no further. Look really clever in front of your friends with these clever facts and figures sites. Where else can you find sites such as armadillo facts, the speed of animal heartbeats, a real time US debt clock and a live world shipping map.  These websites have been handpicked by the team at bored a lot to give you a variety of different categories to get your teeth into and your Mensa application practice underway.  If you are looking to really impress your friends and family and finally win at your annual quiz night, then buckle up.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

If you are the owner of any cool facts and figures web pages or you know of one that would fit into this cool category, then submit it to us and we will add it to our  vaults. 

Enjoy your brain training!!!!!!

Guess the location game

Geo Guessr Geography Game

Having A Boring Day? Love Geography? Then Play Geo Guessr If you are sat in the home or office wishing the day away, and wishing even more that you were the other side of  the world, then this is the coolest website you will ever come across. Geo Guessr is

World's Biggest Insects

World’s Biggest Insects

The World’s Biggest Insects Full of facts, figures and images that are guaranteed to freak you out. The world’s biggest insects has bags of content to fix your boring day. you will be surprised to know that some little critters are the size of small mammals, and whilst some of

List of Phobias A-Z

The Complete Phobia List A-Z

The Complete Phobia List A-Z Have you every thought that you have a weird phobia, one that you have been too afraid to admit to? well you are probably not alone. This weird website has listed every possible phobia listed in A-Z order. Sure we all know about the common


Worldometers – Cool Numbers and Facts

Worldometers – Cool Numbers And Facts   Fix Your Boring Day With Amazing ‘Real time’ Facts and Figures. Worldometers is a really cool websites that updates constantly on what is happening around the world. Kill your boredom with the current population. Births and deaths this year, Government and economics, society

the deep blue sea

The Deep Blue Sea – A Virtual Journey

The Deep Blue Sea Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a journey to the bottom of the deep blue sea?  Well now you can with this virtual tour.   Each meter you drop down into the ocean shows you what weird and wonderful animals you can

crazy facts

Earthly Mission Crazy Facts

Waste Some Time By Learning Some Cool Crazy Facts Earthly mission is an amazing website that we stumbled upon during our internet travels.  It brings you a plethera of cool and crazy facts on a wide range of subjects and topics. Pick from weird, infographics, videos, maps, history and funny.

Worlds Best Quizzes

Worlds Best Quizzes

Waste Your Time On The Worlds Best Quizzes The amazing fellows at Jetpunk have come up with a cool website that brings you the Worlds Best Quizzes.   Here you will find a brain teasing test on pretty much every subject you can imagine.  With an amazing 285,993,568 quizzes taken to

today i found out

Today I Found Out

Brush Up On Your Facts With Today I Found Out. Are you sat in your home or office thinking i’m bored? Now we can solve all of that for you. The clever people over at Today I Found Out have created a fun and interesting facts and figures website that

real time world stats

Real Time World Stats And Facts

Now You Can Stop Saying Im Bored With These Real Time World Stats And Facts The geniuses over at Poodwaddle have come up with one of the most comprehensive live stats websites the internet has to offer. Did you know that every minute, 267 people will be born? and that

Live earthquake map

Live Earthquake Map

Live Earthquake Map Do you love science and all things geeky and cool? Then check out this Live Earthquake map. Get a minute by minute breakdown of every seismic event that takes place around the world.  See it in real time via the interactive map, and check out it’s magnitude

licence plate directory

Licence Plate Directory

The Licence Plate Directory The home and ultimate resource for every single license plate style from the U.S.A, Canada, and Mexico, from 1969 to the present. This really cool and geeky website has 1000s of licence plates from across North America and Mexico for you to read about and reminisce

Space Probe Facts

Space Probe Facts

Space Probe Facts Want To Know Where Every Active Space Probe Is In The Solar System? Here You Go!  Space probe facts is a really cool website that charts every single probe that has been launched into the solar system  Along with the distance to from Earth, it will also

Cheese Encyclopedia

Love Cheese? Then Check Out This Cheese Encyclopedia Wouldn’t it be great if you could access all of the important and up to date Cheese information you needed all in one place?  Well this Cheese Encyclopedia is the place for you.  Learn about the 1000s of different types of cheeses

virtiual mars tour

Virtual Mars Tour 3D

Virtual Mars Tour 3D Have you ever wanted to visit the red planet? well now is your chance.  The Virtual Mars Tour is an interactive look at the planet using Thousands of images from previous martian missions.  Visit the North and South Poles. Zoom in to within feet of the

Real Time Births & Deaths

Real Time Births & Deaths

Real Time Births & Deaths Simulator The world is a big huge place right? In fact some 7 billion squeeze themselves onto this little lump of rock in the solar system. And it is getting a little bit tight in some places, So some boffin has come up with this

Days Since Birth

Days Since Birth

Days Since Birth Calculator Now Can Cure Your Boredom And Work Out How Many Days You Have Been On This Planet With The Days Since Birth Calculator.  As you will never know when you will need to have this information to hand. Have you ever been sat in you home

Armadillo facts

Armadillo Facts

Feeling Bored? Want To Learn Something New? Then Check Out These Amazing Armadillo Facts This cool but bizarre website is entirely devoted to armadillo facts. It includes biological information on all twenty of the recognized species of armadillo, In fact this could quite possibly be the most complete collection of

useless website

Useless Number Facts

This Useless Website Gives You A Pointless Fact About Virtually Every Number Between 1 And 99999 – Just To Cure Your Boredom Did you know that 77 is the largest number that cannot be written as a sum of distinct numbers whose reciprocals sum to 1?  Or that 3883 is the smallest

animal heartbeats

Real Time Animal Heartbeats

Do You Think Your Heart Beats Quickly? Then Slay Your Boring Day And Learn Something Interesting By Seeing Real Time Animal Heartbeats Have you ever wondered how many heartbeats per minute an Elephants heart makes? or a cat? or even a hamster? Well now you can see real time animal

starman roadster

Where Is The Starman Roadster

Remember Elon Musks Tesla Roadster That Was Shot Into Space? Find Out Exactly Where The Starman Is On His Journey To Outer Space Check out this cool website that plots the exact position of the starman roadster that was shot into space by Elon Musk. Learn how far it is

Personalised news feed

Personalised News Feed

Feeling Bored? Want To Read Your Own Personalised News Feed From The Website You Love? Protopage is your own personalised news feed page that you can access from any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can access and read news headlines from literally any website, even those really obscure ones. Your page

live twitter world map

Live Twitter World Map

Cure Your Boredom And See Every Tweet Across The Globe In Real Time With This Live Twitter World Map See every tweet that’s happening in the world in real time with this Live Twitter World Map.  See the countries that are tweeting the most, what they are tweeting about and

US debt clock

US Debt Clock

Cure Boredom Now With The Live US Debt Clock The US Debt Clock is a live snapshot of the current balance sheet of the United States. With constantly updating debt clocks on a range of areas, this really cool and interesting website shows the sheer amount of money made in

live shipping map

Live Shipping Map

Bored? How Cool Would It Be To See A Live Shipping Map Showing Every Ship In the Sea In Real Time? Well Here You Go! Cure your boredom now with this live shipping map showing every ship in the world in real time, it tells you where the ship is,

wall of birds

Wall Of Birds

Cure Your Boredom With This interactive Wall Of Birds If you are a fan or birds or birdwatching you will love this interactive wall of birds. This large-scale mural features tons of facts and figures on species from all surviving bird families across the globe alongside a select group of

fart facts

Fart Facts

Cure Your Boredom With The Most Comprehensive Range Of Fart Facts The Internet Has To Offer This cool website is dedicated to facts on flatulence? That’s right! fart facts. With pretty much every bottom gas related question you can think of, this is the ultimate resource to cure your boredom

live lightening storms

Live Lightening Storms

Want Some Facts and Figures To Cure Your Boredom.  Well Check Out This Website That Shows You All Of The Live Lightening Storms Around The World. If you’re bored and you love meteorology then this cool website is right up your street.  View live lightening storms that are happening in

Fun Fact Site

Fun Fact Site

Feeling Bored Out Of Your Mind? Then Check Out The Fun Fact Site This Fun Fact Site is the number one location for the most random & interesting facts about food,animals, celebrities, films, games & so much more. You are pretty much guaranteed to learn something about everything, and most

opposite side of the world

Opposite Side Of The World

Bored? Wish You Were On The Opposite Side Of The World? Well Now You Can Find Out Exactly Where That Is Have you ever wondered where the opposite side of the world is from your home? Well now you can find out exactly where  by just tapping in your location. 

nuclear bomb


Bored? Thinking About An Apocalypse? Then Look No Further Ever wondered what would happen around you if an atomic bomb went off in your town or city? Outrider Allows you to enter any location in the world and see what would happen if a nuclear bomb went off there. Choose from


McDonalds Every Second

Having A Boring Day? Want Some Cool Facts and Figures? Check Out What McDonalds Is Doing Every Second Check out this amazing real time website that takes a snapshot of McDonalds Every Second. See what sells the quickest and how much of each of the menu is sold every second.

internet live stats

Internet Live Stats

Want To Know Exactly What Is Happening On The Net? Then Check Out These Internet Live Stats. With live information on everything regarding the internet. Check out these live internet stats. Get real time info that updates in front of your eyes.  Total emails sent, websites built, users currently online,

centre of the earth

Centre Of The Earth

Have You Ever Wondered What A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Would Look Like? Well Look No Further Than This Cool Website. The BBC ‘s Journey to the Centre of the earth  uses a coastline split screen to visually both tell land and sea stories together. This interactive winch

world baby map

World Baby Map

Love Facts And Figures ? Cure Your Boredom Now With The World Baby Map This World Baby Map shows you in real time how many babies are born in any given country. When a baby is born that country will flash.  See how quickly the population increases in the time

space facts

Space Facts

Feeling Bored? Love Space? Then Check Out Space Facts Space Facts brings you the very latest discoveries and properly interesting space related features to satisfy any boring day. Along with an amazing gallery which highlights graphics and diagrams that illustrates even more aspects of the the universe.  

7 billion people

7 Billion People

Have You Ever Wondered What 7 Billion People Would Look Like On One Page? Well Here You Go! Having a Boring Day? 7 Billion world shows you 7 billion people on a single page split by continent.  There is even allegedly a Where’s Waldo hidden for you to find. If

work week

Work Week Info

Bored in work? Can’t wait for the time to pass? check out Work Week Info Work Week. gives you stats and facts on exactly how much time you have left in work. Once you tell it your start and finish times Work Week will calculate how much of the workweek has passed


Universe Facts

Universe Facts Feeling bored? Wanting to learn all of the facts the universe has to offer? then you are in the right place. Bring out your inner geek now! our lovely little planet looks very tiny compared with our cousins in The Milky Way Galaxy. Just scroll your mouse wheel to

shark tracking

Shark Tracking

Shark Tracking – How Cool Is That to Cure Your Boredom? Shark Tracking as they swim around the ocean may isn’t the most conventional way to cure boredom on the internet. But it’s probably be the coolest. The Shark Tracking tool by the Marine Research Group OCEARCH allows you track


Christmas Clock Countdown

Christmas Clock The Christmas Clock countdown will tell you exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds there are until next Christmas. If you love Christmas and can’t wait until Santa Claus comes down your chimney for another year then this is the website for you.  

who is in space

Who Is In Space ?

Who Is In Space ? Are you a bored space geek? Have you ever wondered who is in space? well this link will tell you exactly that., along with their details, and what they are doing up there, you can also find out the total number of days they have


World Flight Map

World Flight Map Are you Bored? Do you Love Planes? Then the World Flight Map is the site for you.  Here you can see every flight that is in the sky in real time in every part of the world. Zoom into a particular county, track a flight, or just


Hum Or Sing A Song

Hum Or Sing A Song Feeling Bored? This amazing website by Midomi allows you to hum or sing any song that you can’t think the name of. It will then figure out the name of that song for you. How clever is that? This  is perfect for people that want to

time for bed

What Time For Bed ?

What Time For Bed ? Do you worry that you aren’t getting enough sleep? do you wake up feeling tired and grouchy? Did you know that the average human takes fourteen minutes to fall asleep, so when is it time for bed? works by counting backwards in sleep cycles. Waking up in

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