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The amazing fellows at Jetpunk have come up with a cool website that brings you the Worlds Best Quizzes.   Here you will find a brain teasing test on pretty much every subject you can imagine.  With an amazing 285,993,568 quizzes taken to date on subjects like US States Quiz or the Harry Potter Last Names Quiz, it really is that diverse, strange clever and quirky all rolled into one.  This is the ultimate resource for people who are sat at the home or office bored out of their mind and are looking for something to flex their mind.  What’s also great about this website is that they have committed to donating 5% of their revenue to planting trees in Africa.  So far they have planted over 7000 trees.  Pretty cool eh?

So, off you go.  Let us know in the comments your favorite in the Worlds Best Quizzes. and of course if you are as clever as your think you are 

Worlds Best Quizzes

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This post is part of the facts and figures category.  Here you will find 100s of the brain training websites that will get those electrodes working. This includes links such as the live earthquake map and space probe facts, all of which are capable of filling your mind with useless information.  If you think you know of any websites that would suit this category then get in touch with us.  If it’s unique and of course boredom busting then we will add it to our vaults for all of our readers to see.

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