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Google I'm Bored No More

There is no need to Google i’m bored any more. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck with nothing to do at the home, office or on the go, you are in luck!  Here you will see our entire collection of random and useless websites to cure boredom across all of our categories.  There is nothing worse than being stuck in front of a computer with no inspiration. So we have listed the most recent time wasting web pages first, but feel welcome to scroll through until you find something that slays your boredom.  From this page you can also hit a random link from our vaults, or select one of our funny categories. We literally have hundreds of pointless and useless websites for boredom to choose from that will satisfy every type of person, and niche so you will not leave this site disappointed.

We are also adding new sites on a regular basis, so keep checking back to see the new stuff. And don’t forget, if you know of any web pages that will cure boredom then get in touch with us, we will try to add them to our vaults as soon as possible

We hope you enjoy our collection

rate my poop

Rate My Poop

Rate My Poop Rate my poop is exactly was you’re expecting. This weird website has 100s of images of people’s poop and your job is

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Barcode Yourself

Barcode Yourself

Cure Your Boredom Now & Barcode Yourself Barcode Yourself is a completely useless, and funny interactive experience in the series of barcode art. Created using

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learn Klingon

Learn Klingon

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Learn Klingon ? Learn Klingon with the Klingon Language Institute. Yep we are 100% serious. Those bumpy headed freaks of

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Hungover Owls

Hungover Owls

Cure Your Boredom Now With 100s of Pictures Of Hungover Owls   You’re probably thinking the same as us right?  I  didn’t know that owls

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is it 420 or not

Is It 420 Or Not?

Is it 404 or Not? A Hilarious Useless Website Welcome to the latest addition to the useless websites category.  IsIt420OrNot.com is one mans plan to

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human for sale

Human For Sale

Human For Sale Are you bored? Have you thought about putting yourself up for sale lately? Have you ever wonder how much cash you could get

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Infinite wacky waving

Infinite Wacky Waving

Waste Your Time On Infinite Wacky Waving Welcome to the bizarre world of infinite Wacky Waving.  Another completely pointless and useless website that has been

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Fun Switcher

Fun Switcher

Fun Switcher – Switch on 1000s of Fun Sounds and Voices Do you want something fun, weird and addictive to cure your boredom? Then the

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Smell Dating

Smell Dating

Smell Dating – The Cure For Bored Single People Need A New Relationship In Your Life? Then welcome to Smell Dating.  This weird website will

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Weird Voice Changer

Weird Voice Changer

Weird Voice Changer Bored? Then Have Fun Changing Your Voice in to something funny and bizarre.This weird voice changer is a really bizarre website that

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Cute Bunny Videos

Cute Bunny Videos

 Love Rabbits? Have Some Cute Bunny Videos Everybody loves fluffy bunny rabbits right?  So a genius of the internet has come up with a really

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Free Rider Game

Free Rider Game – Create Your Very Own Racing Track For Your  Bike With over 500 million plays worldwide, the Free Rider Game has been

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Cat Purr Simulator

Cat Purr Simulator

Bored? Love Cats? Then Check Out This Cat Purr Simulator After a boring, stressful or frustrating day, The cat purr simulator gives you the soothing

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Armadillo facts

Armadillo Facts

Feeling Bored? Want To Learn Something New? Then Check Out These Amazing Armadillo Facts This cool but bizarre website is entirely devoted to armadillo facts.

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Pimped up food

Pimped Up Food

This Cool Website Takes Snacking To A Whole New Level By Showing 100s Of Images Of Ginormous Pimped Up Food Pimp my snack has been

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Free Eye Test

Free Eye Test

Why Not Cure Boredom And Take A Free Eye Test This Really cool website lets you see how good your vision and colour vision really

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play golf online

Play Golf Online

Bored Out Of Your Mind? Then Why Not Play Golf Online? World Golf Tour is one of the best online multiplayer virtual golf games the internet has to offer.

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evil tomato haters

Evil Tomato Haters

Kill Your Boredom Now With A Website Dedicated To Evil Tomato Haters Some people just hate tomatoes because they don’t like the taste. However, other

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cat kaleidoscope

Cat Kaleidoscope

Slay That Boredom With The Cat Kaleidoscope. Yes, you heard us right, the Cat Kaleidoscope does exactly what is says on the tin. A freaky,

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soft murmur

Soft Murmur

Cure Boredom And Relax At The Same Time With Soft Murmur Soft Murrmur is a really cool website where you can just play around with

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dream analyzer

Dream Analyzer

Kill Some Time By Finding Out What Your Dreams Are All About With This Dream Analyzer Cure Boredom by analyzing what your dreams actually mean. 

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3D room designer

3D Room Designer

Cure Your Boredom Now With This 3D Room Designer With over 120,000 Different pieces of furniture and accessories, this free 3D room designer is a

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free virtual pet

Free Virtual Pet

If You’re Bored And You Love Animals Then Why Not Adopt A Free Virtual Pet? FooPets are the world’s most realistic and free virtual pets.

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Blow Stuff Up

Blow Stuff Up

If You Are Feeling Bored Then Why Not Blow Stuff Up? This really cool website lets you continuously blow stuff up every time you press

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online spirograph

Online Spirograph

Create Amazing And Beautiful Pieces Of Artwork With This Online Spirograph If you’re feeling bored and what to bring out your artistic and creative side,

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write upside down

Write Upside Down

If you are feeling really bored then why not really impress your friends and write upside down? If you are feeling bored and mischievous, then

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akinator genie

The Akinator Genie

Cure Your Boredom Now With The Akinator Genie. The Akinator genie is an artificially intelligent mind reader. It will successfully guess the person you are

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rank cool stuff

Rank Cool Stuff

If You’re Feeling Bored. Then Why Not Rank Cool Stuff ? Ranker.com is really awesome website to explore when you just want to rank cool stuff

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interactive face

Interactive Face

Slay Your Boredom With A Really Freaky Interactive Face This cool website is funny, freaky, weird and bizarre all rolled into one.  It is an

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ifixit DIY jobs

Ifixit DIY Jobs

Are you Bored? Do you Want To Repair Something?  Then Check out Ifixit DIY Jobs With nearly 50,000 repair guides on a huge amount of

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odd stuff

Odd Stuff

Relieve Your Boredom With Odd Stuff – A Magazine For Oddness. Odd Stuff Magazine is a cool website that brings you strange and bizarre facts,

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bongo cat

Bongo Cat

Slay Your Boredom With Bongo Cat. Some geniuses of the internet have created Bongo Cat. That’s right, a really clever virtual cat that plays a

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learn to juggle

Learn To Juggle

Bored? Looking For Something To Do? Then Why Not Learn To Juggle Juggling is a talent and a skill that takes months and sometimes years

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age predictor

Age Predictor

Cure Your Boredom With The Age Predictor – Find Out How Old You Really Look The age predictor is a really cool website that allows

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slide ventura

Slide Ventura

Fix Your Boredom Now With Slide Ventura – A Pointless Websites That’s Perfect For Jim Carey Fans Slide Ventura is a funny pointless website that

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wall of birds

Wall Of Birds

Cure Your Boredom With This interactive Wall Of Birds If you are a fan or birds or birdwatching you will love this interactive wall of

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puzzle prime

Puzzle Prime

Cure Your Boredom With Puzzle Prime Puzzle prime is guaranteed to get the grey matter working with a huge range of brain teasers, puzzles, games

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elf yourself

Elf Yourself

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Elf Yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to superimpose faces onto a bunch of dancing elves? Well Elf Yourself does just

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virtual stapler

Virtual Stapler

Do You Love The Sound Of A Stapler In Action? Well Replicate It Now With The Virtual Stapler.  Now With Three Different Staplers To Choose

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My 80s TV

My 80s TV

Cure Your Boredom And Relive Your Childhood With My 80s TV Do you fancy a real dose of nostalgia to end that boring day? Well

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send future emails

Send Future Emails

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Send Future Emails To Yourself With over 5 million letters written, This cool website allows you to send future emails

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fart facts

Fart Facts

Cure Your Boredom With The Most Comprehensive Range Of Fart Facts The Internet Has To Offer This cool website is dedicated to facts on flatulence?

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Cure Your Boredom Now With Reddit If your haven’t visited Reddit before you’re really losing out. This awesome website will fix your boredom by giving

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type drummer

Type Drummer

Want To Make Sweet Tunes When You Type? Then Check Out Type Drummer Type drummer is one of those utterly useless but really cool websites

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Apollo 17 mission

Apollo 17 Mission

Feeling Bored? Love Space Travel? Then Watch The Entire Journey Of The Apollo 17 Mission In Real Time A real-time interactive journey of the Apollo 17 mission

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don't click it

Don’t Click It

Can You Navigate A Whole Website Without Clicking Your Mouse? Try It At ‘Don’t Click It’  Don’t click it is an amazing website that lets

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emoji drawing

Emoji Drawing

While Away Those Boring Days With Emoji Drawing? Remoji is an Emoji Drawing Website that allows you to draw or write with lots of little

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emergency yodel

Emergency Yodel

Feeling Bored? Feeling The Need To Break Into Song? Then Check Out The Emergency Yodel The Emergency Yodel is a must have tool in case

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live hen camera

Live Hen Camera

Love Animals? Then Let The Live Hen Camera Cure Your Boredom Feeling Bored? Love animals? Then welcome to the Live Hen Camera! A 24/7 Genuine

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bouncing trump

Bouncing Trump

Feeling Bored? Then Let The Bouncing Trump Take Care Of That The bouncing trump is what it says. You start of one Donald Trump head

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documentary heaven

Documentary Heaven

Bored Of Watching The Same Old TV Program? Then Check Out Documentary Heaven With 1000S of completely free documentaries on pretty much any subject, Documentary

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The Rasterbator

Cure Your Boredom And Bring Out Your Creative Side With The Rasterbator The Rasterbator is a really cool website that allows you to enlarge any

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Having A Boring and Unproductive Day? Then Make It Even More Unproductive With Cachemonet. Cachemonet is a truly weird and bizarre website.  It’s an endlessly entertaining

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tractor talk

Tractor Talk

Feeling Bored? Well Cure Your Boredom With Tractor Talk. The One Stop Shop For Everything Tractor Related Tractor talk or ‘yesterday’s tractor brings you every

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ransom note generator

Ransom Note Generator

Feeling Bored And Mischievous? Then Check Out This Ransom Note Generator Feeling Bored, Naughty and Mischievous? Want a laugh at someone elses expense? Then this

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music map

Music Map

Bored Of Listening To The Same Old Music?  Then Music Map Is The Site For You Music Map allows you to type in any band

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eyeballing game

The Eyeballing Game

Test Your Hand Eye Co-Ordination With The Eyeballing Game The eyeballing game tests your geometry skills in 7 different areas over three cycles. It is

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johns crazy socks

Johns Crazy Socks

Feeling Bored? Want To Spend Some Money? Then Visit Johns Crazy Socks Johns crazy socks is a website dedicated to bringing you the most amazingly

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sloth drawing

Sloth Drawing

Felling Bored? Then Why Not Try Sloth Drawing? Yes, You Heard It Right, Drawing With Sloths Having a boring day? then why not cheer yourself

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frog facts

Frog Facts

Having a Boring Day? Want To Know Everything About Frogs? Then Check Out Frog Facts Since 1995 Frog facts brings you everything you need to

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earth cam

Earth Cam

Living A Boring Life? Want To See The World? Then Check Out The Earth Cam? Earth cam is a really cool website that will take

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cash cats

Cash Cats

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Check Out Lots Of Photos Of Cats With Loads Of A Cash (Cash Cats) Cash Cats is a cool website

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GIF Dance Party

Gif Dance Party

Gif Dance Party Is The Best Party On The Internet Cure your chronic boredom now with the hilarious GIF dance party, Choose your song from

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screaming beans

Screaming Beans

Having A Boring Day? Then Why Not Crush Screaming Beans With Your Finger? This funny website cures your boredom by squishing screaming beans with a

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Having A Kind Of Too Bored To Think Day? Then Check Out ZoomQuilt Zoomquilt is a strangely hypnotic, infinitely zooming image and website created by a team

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The restart page

The Restart Page

Feeling Bored. Then Live Life On The Edge By Re-living Your Favorite Computer Restart Pages The Restart Page simulates the full and exciting rebooting process of

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Pictures Of Pennies

Pictures Of Pennies

Feeling Bored ? Got Lots Of Loose Pennies Hanging Around Your Home? Then Get Some Artistic inspiration from these pictures of pennies.  Create your own

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morph two faces

Morph Two Faces

Bored – Want To See What Two Random Faces Morphed Together Looks Like? Then Look No Further Morph Thing is a funny website that actually

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life hacker

Life Hacker

Life Hacker Brings Your the Planets Best Life Hacks Life hacker is a website dedicated to making your life easier, less stressful and less complicated. There

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learn origami

Learn Origami

If Your Are Felling Bored And Want Something To Do. Learn Origami? Take some time out of your boring life and do something fun and

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nuclear bomb


Bored? Thinking About An Apocalypse? Then Look No Further Ever wondered what would happen around you if an atomic bomb went off in your town

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the chive

The Chive

Having A Boring Day? Visit The Chive. theCHIVE brings you the funniest, the craziest  and the most outrageous,photos and videos. You will never be bored at

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gangster google

Gangster Google

Having A Boring Day? Use Gangster Google To Translate Every Search Query Into Gangster Speak “Hey there, so peek-a-boo, clear tha way, I be comin’

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Chill The Lion

Too Bored To Think? Then Why Not Chill Then Lion? Chill the lion is an utterly useless website that allows you to turn your cursor

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all the tests

All The Tests

Bored? Looking For Something To Get The Grey Matter Working? Then Check Out ‘All The Tests’ All The Tests has thousands of tests in over

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Looking For A Cool Website To Keep You Occupied On A Boring Day? Then Visit 9gag 9GAG  brings you the best funny pictures, Funny Videos

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epic fail

Epic Fail

There Is Nothing Better Than Curing Your Boredom With Laughing At An Epic Fail Epic Fail  Pokes fun at rich people crashing supercars, skateboarders doing

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internet live stats

Internet Live Stats

Want To Know Exactly What Is Happening On The Net? Then Check Out These Internet Live Stats. With live information on everything regarding the internet.

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feeling unlucky

Feeling Unlucky

Need A Laugh? Checkout Google ‘Feeling Unlucky’ The World famous Google  “Feeling Lucky” takes took you directly to the first search result for any query,

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tartan maker

Tartan Maker

Feeling Bored? Feeling Creative? Then Look No Further! Check Out This Tartan Maker If you are looking to kill time then check out this tartan

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my 70s tv

My 70s TV

Take A Nostalgic Tour Of Your Younger Years With My 70s TV If you loved the 70s you will love this fun website. My 70s

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paper plane making

Paper Plane Making

Having a boring day? When not try Paper Plane Making With a huge selection of paper aeroplane designs, this paper plane making website has a design

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jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Bored? Play Hundreds Of Free Jigsaw Puzzles Daily Jigsaw Puzzles is the ultimate website to cure your boredom. Choose from hundreds of images each with

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every beard type

Every Beard Type

Bored? Then Why Not Grow Every Beard Type Known To Mankind? Want to set yourself a challenge to cure your boredom. Well, this cool website brings

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escape games

Escape Games

Bored? Love Escape The Room Games? Then You Have Come To The Right Place If you are having a really boring day? then check out

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space facts

Space Facts

Feeling Bored? Love Space? Then Check Out Space Facts Space Facts brings you the very latest discoveries and properly interesting space related features to satisfy

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trivia websites

Playbuzz Quizzes

Bored? Playbuzz Quizzes Lets You Take Quizzes and Tests on Literally Any Subject Playbuzz quizzes and trivia tests allows you to kiss goodbye to a

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play Sudoku

Play Sudoku

Bored? Become A Sudoku Expert! Based on the cult Japanese puzzle game Play Sudoku is based on the logical placement of numbers. This is an

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crossword puzzles

Crossword Puzzles

Play Free Crossword Puzzles To Relieve Your Boredom Put an end to your boring day by playing over 40,000 free crossword puzzles. Boatload puzzles is

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work week

Work Week Info

Bored in work? Can’t wait for the time to pass? check out Work Week Info Work Week. gives you stats and facts on exactly how much

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counting sheep

Counting Sheep

Are You Restless And In Need Of Sleep? Then Try Counting Sheep Counting Sheep offers you a very old but effective solution for insomnia(inability to fall

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opening doors

Opening Doors

Bored? Then Spend Time Opening Doors For No Reason What So Ever! A totally useless website that challenges you to opening doors one after another.

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Kitten War

Kitten War – Which Kitten is Best? Kitten war lets you pick which kitten you think is the cutest. That’s it. There’s no trick to

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Universe Facts

Universe Facts Feeling bored? Wanting to learn all of the facts the universe has to offer? then you are in the right place. Bring out

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shooting squirrel

Shooting Squirrel

Shooting Squirrel What’s cooler than blasting things away with a laser shooting squirrel to cure a boring day? Well welcome to the right place. Enter

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Weavesilk – Bring out your artistic side Weavesilk lets you cure your boredom by creating beautiful weavy. silky and really cool looking pieces of art. 

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checkbox painter

Checkbox Painter

Checkbox Painter – Kill Your Boredom With Art Checkbox painter allows you to create amazing pieces of art. It will also totally kill your boredom

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shark tracking

Shark Tracking

Shark Tracking – How Cool Is That to Cure Your Boredom? Shark Tracking as they swim around the ocean may isn’t the most conventional way

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tholman texter

Tholman Texter

Tholman Texter Tholman texter is fun drawing editor to kill your boring day, This site allows you draw amazing art with text instead of lines.

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college humor

College Humor

College Humor – Fix Your Boring Day With This Very Funny Website College Humor is one of the most popular humor websites on the web. 

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Oddee – Put an end to a boring day now! Are you bored? do you love weird stuff? Then you really need to check out

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Bored Panda

Bored Panda Could this sites name be any more appropriate? Bored Panda is website you need when you want to find funny, interesting and visually

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spy a lot


SPY A LOT – Cure Your Boredom Now! Spy a lot is a website that sells really cool spying and surveillance equipment. And is also

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virtual piano

Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano Virtual Piano is an awesome idea to cure your boredom, and what’s great is that no one appears to have thought of before: simply play the

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yes no if

Yes No If

Yes No If Yes No If is a highly addictive website that allows you to create beautiful Abstract art using just your mouse.  This is

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cat bounce

Cat Bounce

Cat Bounce Cat Bounce is a truly bizarre website that is dedicated to curing your boredom by watching cats bouncing in front of you for

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prank a lot

Prank A Lot

Prank A Lot Put an end to those boring days with prank a lot.  Get the best pranks gags and practical jokes sent directly to

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prank dial

Prank Dial

Prank Dial Is your day so boring the only way that can cure it is pure mischievousness? Then Prank Dial is the cure for you.

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magic pen game

Magic Pen Game

The Magic Pen Game The ‘Magic Pen Game’ is an ultra geeky physics based doodle game. It is fiercely addictive, and perfect for the i

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random goat

Random Goat

Random Goat Random goat brings you the very best goat videos, goat gifs and goat pictures from around world. If you are bored and you

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shy button

Shy Button

Shy Button This poor little creature is really shy and doesn’t want to be touched.  Can you use the Shy Button to try and catch

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hardcore prawn lawn

Hardcore Prawn Lawn

The Hardcore Prawn Lawn Hardcore Prawn Lawn is a utterly useless website that depicts a Lawn with various prawns on said lawn,while Flaming red text spins

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Tiny Tuba

The Tiny Tuba The Tiny Tuba is a completely useless website that will play a short and very frustrating tuba sound every time you press

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Four Squares

Four Squares

Four Squares Start with four squares that cover the page and keep reducing them down until you can’t click any more.  Utterly useless, but this

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geo kitten

Geo Kitten

Geo Kitten Can your choice of kitten predict where you live? Well Geo kitten can do this for you. This utterly useless website will use

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Listen To Rain

Listen To Rain Don’t you just love when it rains? Rainy mood  allows people to listen to the soothing sound of the rain. With the motto

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virtual bubble wrap

Virtual Bubble Wrap

Virtual Bubble Wrap Virtual Bubble Wrap allows you to indulge virtually in the most calming occupation – if you’re painfully bored then popping this bubble

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cartoon yourself

Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon Yourself Using an innovative computer package, you can now ‘cartoonize’ any photo from your desktop. Do this using the FREE cartoon yourself Software for Windows.

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astronomy picture

Daily Astronomy Picture

Daily Astronomy Picture Each day, daily astronomy picture brings you a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe.  Along with a brief explanation written

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shady url

Shady URL

Shady URL Don’t waste time sending boring links to your friends or co workers. Shady URL will convert your original URL into a shady looking

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age geek

Age Geek Facts

Use Age Geek Facts To Cure Boredom Use age geek facts to discover what other people had achieved by your age. This cool website is

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google predictor

Google Predictor

Google Predictor Are you able to predict what google is thinking when you type in a phrase? then check out this google predictor game. i.e

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Astro Alpaca

Astro Alpaca

The Astro Alpaca Game Have you ever wanted to pilot an Alpaca in space? then this is the website to cure your boredom.  

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Nothing to do?  Well, It our our aim to create the largest resource of interesting and fun sites for boredom on the internet.  Sure, some of our competitors do the same as us.  But none of them give you the option to read through a description of each link before clicking. This alone will stop you from getting bored.  You simply click the random website generator button you wish to visit and keep clicking through until you have wasting your whole day.   Never be left with nothing to do on the internet ever again 

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