South Park Character Creator

South Park Character Creator

Created in 2002 this cool website lets you create your very own South Park Character. With every part of the body you can imagine customisable you can spend hours creating the perfect character. Decide on the style of eyes, what hat you want him to wear, the writing on his T-SHIRT. Hell you can even decide on the weird background that you want. If you’re bored at work or sat in the house looking for something different to do then you will love this site.

If you’re feeling really confident about your grand design you can even enter it into the monthly competition where the winner will be decided by the army of loyal followers. Warning there are some pretty good ones on display.  There is also an online forum available where you can discuss all things South Park related, or just general boring conversation.  Let us know in the comments section what you thought of the site.

Still Bored?

This South Park Character Creator is part of the artistic websites section. Here you’ll find all of the sites that we have in our vaults that are designed to get your creative juices flowing.  These include, the avatar creator, an online graffiti maker and the screaming goat piano.  The last one is our particular favorite.  But what they all  have in common is that they are all guaranteed to take away your boring day and replace that from with a smile.  We are the Internets biggest resource for bored websites and we will never have you Googling I’m Bored ever again.

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