Top Websites

Top Websites

We will stake our reputation on it that we have a category to cure anyone’s boredom, but here you will find our top websites collection of all round cool pages.  This selection has been handpicked by our team, and are guaranteed to slay those boring days and put a smile on your face at the same time! Some of the pages you will know, and are household name,  but some of them have been found hidden away in the dark corners of the internet waiting to be discovered by us.  These hand picked beauties don’t have any niche, don’t fall into any particular category, apart for fact that we love them.

If you know of any web pages that deserve a place in our top websites category then let us know via the submission tab, If we think it’s cool we will add it to our vaults.

As well as have a vast array of fun and hilarious web pages, we also have a category at the other end of the spectrum.  The random and useless website category is full of web pages that have no function in life other than being completely pointless.  So why not spend some time check this and every other page out if you have nothing to do and you are looking to waste some time.


Window Swap

Window Swap. A Random View Every Single Click

Bored? Try Window Swap. A Different View With Every Click. We clicked my mouse on and to be honest we had absolutely no idea what to expect when we arrived on this website. First we were greeted by a caption asking if we would like to sign up? Our 

Scroll O Meter

Scroll-o-meter – How far can you scroll

Scroll-o-meter – How far can you scroll? There is only one word that we could possibly find to say about this truly amazing website. That is a big fat WOW. This is such a useless website and a completely pointless waste of time. But and there is a big BUT,

Central Park Virtual Tour

Central Park Virtual Tour

Central Park Virtual Tour Whatever you are doing, stop right there. (Actually, you’re probably not doing very much if you’re here…). It seems to me you’re feeling very bored, how about going on a tour? One that involves not moving a muscle, apart from your finger on your mouse. Fancy

Mount Everest virtual Climb

Mount Everest Virtual Climb

Feeling Bored? Then Take The Mount Everest Virtual Climb. If you’re sat in the home or office wishing for something cool to cure your boredom, then why not go on a Mount Everest virtual climb? This amazing animation follows the perilous track from Lukla through the Khumbu region to the

Blow Stuff Up

Blow Stuff Up

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Blow Stuff Up? This really cool website lets you continuously blow stuff up every time you press the red detonation button.  Cars, buildings, oil tankers, they have it all. So take out all of your frustration and anger on this site for hours on end.

Smithsonian Museum Virtual Tour

Smithsonian Museum Virtual Tour

Take The Smithsonian Museum Virtual Tour Rather that travel to Washington DC. (That would be a bit extreme if you’re bored) This cool website is just perfect for history lovers.  The Smithsonian museum Virtual tour can be taken from the comfort of your front room.  This museum is fully interactive

live nasa tv


Watch NASA TV Live Are you fed up of watching the same old TV channel? The why not give NASA TV live a go? Created by those clever boffins at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration you can now see around the clock science, techy and geek stuff online for

Live Abbey Road Camera

Live Abbey Road Camera

The Live Abbey Road Camera Bored in the office ? or are you  sat with nothing to do in the home? Are you a fan of the Beatles? Then you will love this cool website.  The Live Abbey Road Camera is live 24/7 and 365 days a year.  The worlds

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Play The Google Flight Simulator Now Using real and detailed maps from any location around the world this Google Earth flight Simulator allows you to travel anywhere from the comfort of your home, office or train journey home.  Running with real physics software you are able to take off from

Lego Bible

The Bible Created With Just Lego Bricks

The Bible Created With Just Lego Bricks Taking 12 years to complete the Brick bible is one artists project to tell the story of the old testament and new testament using just logo bricks and Lego people. The artist of this site Elbe Spurling created this with a view to

Pink Trombone mouth Simulator

The Pink Trombone Mouth Simulator

The Pink Trombone Mouth Simulator Have you ever wanted to simulate the actions of a human mouth?  Then the pink trombone is the website for you. Created by Neil Thapen, who is a really clever guy from the Institute of Maths Academy in the Check Republic, this really cool site

Killer Whale Live Cam

Killer Whale Live Camera

Killer Whale Live Camera If you love Orca’s or Killer Whales as they are move affectionately known the you’ll love this Killer Whale Live Camera.  Located off Hanson Island in British Columbia this site has 4 cameras that are constantly in use. OrcaLab Base, Parson Island, Sea Lion Rock, and

Virtual Drumming

Have A Go At Virtual Drumming

Cure Your Boredom With Virtual Drumming Do you love playing the drums? then kill your boring day with this virtual drumming kit.  Use your mouse to play at full volume and create your own masterpieces. With drum lessons, drum sheet music and drum games, This is one of the coolest

72oz steak live webcam

72oz Steak Live Webcam

Watch People On The 72oz Steak Live Webcam Cure your boredom now by watching people attempting to devour a monstrous 72oz steak on this live webcam from the Big Texan Restaurant.  This place has a table set up where only the people brave enough to tackle this challenge can eat. 

Super Nintendo Emulator

Super Nintendo Emulator

Play The Super Nintendo Emulator Do you remember the good old days of the 80s and 90’s where Super Nintendo, Gameboys and Sega Master Systems were all the rage? Well this emulator will bring everything flooding back.  A team of boffins have found a way to allow you play the

Disney World Virtual Tour

Disney World Virtual Tour

The Disney World Virtual Tour    If you’re stuck in the house and you are looking for something fun and interesting to do, then why not take the Disney World Virtual Tour. When you land on the site you are presented with an interactive map that lets you pick which

Funny News Stories

Fark – Funny News Stories

Funny News Stories To Ease Your Your Boredom   Fark has long been a favourite of Bored a Lot. For years it has been posting fun news stories from around the world, some of which are bizarre, some  are funny and some are just downright weird. Do you ever scroll

Unexplained Mysteries

Unexplained Mysteries & Conspiracy Theories

Nothing To Do? Check Out Unexplained Mysteries Do you love a good conspiracy theory? or a story that simply can’t be explained? then you will love this weird website. Unexplained Mysteries is split into sections such as Latest News, Conspiracy Theories The UFO Phenomenon, and Cryptozoology (We have no idea

wash your lyrics

Wash Your Lyrics

Wash Your Lyrics   We all know that the coronavirus is beginning to grip the world, and fear is starting to take a hold, but it doesn’t mean that we have to be sensible and boring.  We also know that the best way to prevent the spread of the virus

timelapse google earth

Timelapse Google Earth

Timelapse Google Earth See your own town or city over a 25 year period.  Since the mid 80s satellites have been taking images of the entire planet and storing them on a huge database.  These images have now been released and you can now see a timelapse google earth slideshow

Make A Bucket List

Make A Bucket List

Waste Time On This Website And Make A Bucket List Are you sat in the home or office looking for something fun to do and bored at the same old stuff on the internet? Well this fun website is perfect for you.  Now you can make your own bucket list

crazy facts

Earthly Mission Crazy Facts

Waste Some Time By Learning Some Cool Crazy Facts Earthly mission is an amazing website that we stumbled upon during our internet travels.  It brings you a plethera of cool and crazy facts on a wide range of subjects and topics. Pick from weird, infographics, videos, maps, history and funny.

build a virtual snowman

Build A Virtual Snowman

Are You Bored? Then Why Not Build A Virtual Snowman In Practice For Christmas Time Snow Box allows you to build a really cool looking virtual snowman without all of the hassle of putting your warm clothes on and getting really cold. You even get to share your creation with

really funny life stories

Read Funny Life Stories FML

Bored At Work Or At Home? Then Read These Really Funny Life Stories FML or Fu*k My Life is a really cool and funny website that has been going for years.  It give people the opportunity to post the weird and bizarre things that are going on in their lives. 

learn magic tricks online

Magic Tricks That Are Easy

Magic Tricks That Are Easy Are you sat in the house bored looking for  something to do?  Then why not waste time trying to become a magician?  This fun website allows you to learn magic tricks online for free, simply pick the areas you want to specialise in. For example,

look 20 years older

Make Yourself Look 20 Years Older

Bored The Home Or Office? Now We Can Make You Look 20 Years Older Are you sat around thinking im bored and looking for something fun or different to do? Well you have come to the right place. Now there is a really funny website that can make you look

Bird Watching Live Cams

Bird Watching Live Cams

Bored? Then Check Out These Bird Watching Live Cams Are you an amateur twitcher? do you love birds? and we don’t mean the female type. Then cure your boredom with these amazing bird watching live cams.  This really cool website allows you to pick from live cameras all over the

explore the universe

Explore The Universe

Bored? Love Space? Then Sit Back And Explore The Universe This amazing and interactive website for bored people allows you to explore the universe in stunning detail.  You are able to pick a spot in our Stella Neighbourhood and delve deep into it.  See what all 119,000 stars look like

Senior Citizen Fun

Senior Citizen Fun

Senior Citizen Fun – A Cool Bored Website Over 50s Suddenly senior is a website that is dedicated to over 50 year olds.  Now you can have senior citizen fun to relieve your boredom with fellow elderly people.  This hugely popular website is updated weekly and gives you over 4000

Funny Facebook Posts

Funny Facebook Posts – Lamebook

If you love Facebook You will Love These Funny Facebook Posts. Do you love laughing at the expense of other people? You know? the type of people that are just too stupid for their own good? but still publish everything they do over social media.  Then you will love Lamebook. 

White House Virtual Tour

White House Virtual Tour

Keep Thinking I’m Bored? Then Take The White House Virtual Tour Are you wanting a bit of culture and something different to cure your boredom? Then the White House Virtual Tour is right up your street.  This cool website now gives you the opportunity to visit every room of the

Every Radio Station

Listen To Every Radio Station In The World.

Feeling Bored? Then Listen To Every Radio Station In The World Have you ever wondered what music different cultures and countries  listen too? Well this cool websites lets you check out the live stream of every radio station around the world. When you visit the website you will be presented

360 london virtual tour

360 London Virtual Tour

Bored? Then Check Out This 360 London Virtual Tour Back in 2013 British Telecom and broke the world record for the most detail panoramic tour ever created.  This 360 London Virtual Tour has a massive 320 gigapixels, which to the non techy people of this world is a lot. 

Fun Switcher

Fun Switcher

Fun Switcher – Switch on 1000s of Fun Sounds and Voices Do you want something fun, weird and addictive to cure your boredom? Then the fun switcher is the cool website for you.  Choose from pages of stupid sounds clips, movie,people and random stuff.  Switch on the happy days theme

record paper plane

Fold A World Record Breaking Paper Plane

How to fold the world-record-setting paper airplane Imagine you’re bored in your home or office and you want to do something cool, fun and inspiring? Then why not fold the world record breaking paper aeroplane? In 2012 John M Collins set the world record using a design called Suzanne.  This

licence plate directory

Licence Plate Directory

The Licence Plate Directory The home and ultimate resource for every single license plate style from the U.S.A, Canada, and Mexico, from 1969 to the present. This really cool and geeky website has 1000s of licence plates from across North America and Mexico for you to read about and reminisce

Space Probe Facts

Space Probe Facts

Space Probe Facts Want To Know Where Every Active Space Probe Is In The Solar System? Here You Go!  Space probe facts is a really cool website that charts every single probe that has been launched into the solar system  Along with the distance to from Earth, it will also

Cheese Encyclopedia

Love Cheese? Then Check Out This Cheese Encyclopedia Wouldn’t it be great if you could access all of the important and up to date Cheese information you needed all in one place?  Well this Cheese Encyclopedia is the place for you.  Learn about the 1000s of different types of cheeses

virtiual mars tour

Virtual Mars Tour 3D

Virtual Mars Tour 3D Have you ever wanted to visit the red planet? well now is your chance.  The Virtual Mars Tour is an interactive look at the planet using Thousands of images from previous martian missions.  Visit the North and South Poles. Zoom in to within feet of the

Send A message Into Space

Send A Message Into Space

Feeling Bored? Then Send A Message Into Space Space Speak is a really cool website that allows you to beam a message into space via its specialised and techy transmitters.  Simply type your message out and it will be thrusted into the out reaches of the universe for our alien

nostalgia machine

The Nostalgia Machine

If You’re having a Really Boring Day, Then The Nostalgia Machine is The Coolest Boredom Website You Need Right Now. The nostalgia machine is one of the coolest websites for boredom the internet has to offer. Pick any year.  We recommend a year from your childhood. And it will give

animal heartbeats

Real Time Animal Heartbeats

Do You Think Your Heart Beats Quickly? Then Slay Your Boring Day And Learn Something Interesting By Seeing Real Time Animal Heartbeats Have you ever wondered how many heartbeats per minute an Elephants heart makes? or a cat? or even a hamster? Well now you can see real time animal

Every Satellite Orbiting Earth

Every Satellite Orbiting Earth

Feeling Bored? Then Check Out Every Satellite Orbiting Earth Wouldn’t you like to kill some time by knowing Every Satellite Orbiting Earth? – In total there are more than 1,300 active satellites orbiting right here, right now.. Picture taking, broadcasting communication and navigation data, spying on you, even housing humans.

Celebrities Without Eyebrows

Celebrities Without Eyebrows

Laugh At Celebrities Without Eyebrows Some genius of the internet has come up with an amazing and hilarious website to make you smile. Are you looking for something to cheer you up? You’ve got it. Celebrities without eyebrows is a funny site with a bizarre and unusual set of photos

Personalised news feed

Personalised News Feed

Feeling Bored? Want To Read Your Own Personalised News Feed From The Website You Love? Protopage is your own personalised news feed page that you can access from any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can access and read news headlines from literally any website, even those really obscure ones. Your page

Mental age test

Mental Age Test

Bored Out Of Your Mind?  Well Test Your Mind With A Mental Age Test Wouldn’t it be great for you to know if you really are as old as you feel? Well you can do this online with this free and interactive mental age test. Are you a break dancer?

International space station live

International Space Station Live

Cure Boredom Now With The International Space Station Live Are you sat at home bored out of your mind?  Are you looking for something cool to do? Then why not check out the international space station live camera? Then why not look down on planet earth from an altitude of

free virtual pet

Free Virtual Pet

If You’re Bored And You Love Animals Then Why Not Adopt A Free Virtual Pet? FooPets are the world’s most realistic and free virtual pets. Available in both puppies and kittens. They get hungry, thirsty, and enjoy playing with toys, they  crave attention, and most importantly love being spoiled by

photo shop your face

Photo Shopping Your Face Fun

Turn That Boredom Into Fun By Photo shopping Your Face Into A Funny Picture Or Video – With 100s To Choose From You Will Be Occupied For Hours. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your face could be put into a picture of scenario? Maybe you wanted to know how you

become a real lord

Become A Real Lord

Cure Your Boredom Now By Becoming A Real Lord, Laird or Lady If you are ever feeling bored, then why not do something really extravagant and pretty cool and become a real Lord, Laird or Lady? This is 100% genuine. Previously the only way that you could have become a

Houses of Parliament Virtual Tour

Houses Of Parliament Virtual Tour

Cure That Boredom By Taking The Houses Of Parliament Virtual Tour Slay that boring day by taking a journey online, and going on the houses of parliament virtual tour. Visit all parts of this building from the comfort of your home. This 360 degree view of the house includes, the

live shipping map

Live Shipping Map

Bored? How Cool Would It Be To See A Live Shipping Map Showing Every Ship In the Sea In Real Time? Well Here You Go! Cure your boredom now with this live shipping map showing every ship in the world in real time, it tells you where the ship is,

Make A Bruce Lee Movie

Make A Bruce Lee Movie

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Make A Bruce Lee Movie? Hit the record button and make a Bruce Lee Movie using every key on a keyboard. Each key has a different move or sound. You can then press play and watch it back. With Fight, Mystery, Suspense and Victory Modes

live emergency services scanners

Live Emergency Services Scanners

If You’re Bored And Fancy A Bit Of Drama, Then Check Out These Live Emergency Service Scanners With 1000s of live emergency services scanners, Broadcastify allows you to listen in for free on Police, Fire Department, Air Traffic Control, and much more as it happens. Choose any country in the

comic strip creator

Comic Strip Creator

If You’re Feeling Bored Then Check Out This Free Comic Strip Creator Cure your boredom with this comic strip creator which lets you build your own comic for free. Choose from hundreds of different designs and styles. Unleash your creative side by designing your own unique character.  If you wish,

rank cool stuff

Rank Cool Stuff

If You’re Feeling Bored. Then Why Not Rank Cool Stuff ? is really awesome website to explore when you just want to rank cool stuff for hours on end on the things that you love. rank your Favorite’80s cartoons? your favorite bands? your favorite star trek character? You can then

virtual lego

Play With Virtual Lego

If You Are Feeling Bored Then Why Not Cure That Boredom And Play With Virtual Lego? Mecabricks is an extremely cool website that allows you to play with virtual Lego and create, publish and display 3D models made with actual LEGO® bricks. Whether you are young or old, if you

Vegas Wedding Chapel Live

Vegas Wedding Chapel Live Cam

Cure Your Boredom By Watching People Get Married At The Vegas Wedding Chapel Live Cam Watch, as loved up couples say their vows in the theme wedding of their dreams, in this little Las Vegas Wedding Chapel live on camera 24 hours a day. Will you be lucky enough to see an

Stroboscopic Illusion

Stroboscopic Illusion

Turn Your Bored Eyes Into WTF Eyes With This Amazing Stroboscopic Illusion Trick We have seen the optical illusions that claim to play tricks with your eyes, but this stroboscopic illusion is guaranteed to have you scratching your head. Simply watch the pulsating image for 30 seconds. Then look around the

Music Sleeve Face

Music Sleeve Face

Feeling Bored? Then Music Sleeve Face Is What You Need Music sleeve face is one or more person obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeves causing a really cool optical  illusion. This amazing but very weird website has over 200 different images that will

r2d2 translator

R2D2 Translator

Doing You Need To Deal With An Emergency Where You Need An R2D2 Translator? Then You are In the Right Place How many times have you heard R2D2 talking and you think ‘i winder what he is saying? Now you can talk just like him with R2D2 Translator! Now you

My 80s TV

My 80s TV

Cure Your Boredom And Relive Your Childhood With My 80s TV Do you fancy a real dose of nostalgia to end that boring day? Well my 80s TV does just that. With 80s real music, news, trailers, game shows and much more. This cool website will take you back the

send future emails

Send Future Emails

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Send Future Emails To Yourself With over 5 million letters written, This cool website allows you to send future emails to yourself as far ahead in time as you want, 3, 5, 20 years? remind yourself of what you were like when you were younger,

apollo 11 lunar landing live

Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Live

Having a boring day? Then Why Not Re-Live The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Live? In 1969, the entire world watched as three men explored the unknown. Now you can listen, watch, and experience the thrill and excitement of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.  Re-live this amazing feat second by second



Cure Your Boredom Now With Reddit If your haven’t visited Reddit before you’re really losing out. This awesome website will fix your boredom by giving you something to read and comment on from literally every category and subject you can think of. Millions of people visit Reddit every day and

every facebook face

Every Facebook Face Worldwide

Turn That Boredom Into A Challenge By Looking At Every Facebook Face And Profile Picture In The World If you love facebook you will love this really cool website, as It Shows You Every Facebook Face On The Planet. Over one Billion profile pictures.  So The question is, are you

left over fridge food

Left Over Fridge Food

To Bored To Cook? Then Let Super Cook Website Come Up With  A Delicious Recipe From Your Left Over Fridge Food Are you bored of looking at the same left over fridge food? and cupboards that show the same old boring ingredients and wondering what the hell to cook next?

control live robots

Control Live Robots

Want To Relieve Your Boredom? Then Why Not Control Live Robots From The Comfort Of Your Own Home? Bored? Then control live robots, and do anything with them with the world’s first live-streaming service for internet controlled robots, drones, and IoT devices.Pilot your device around the room and see how much

Apollo 17 mission

Apollo 17 Mission

Feeling Bored? Love Space Travel? Then Watch The Entire Journey Of The Apollo 17 Mission In Real Time A real-time interactive journey of the Apollo 17 mission to the moon. Relive every moment from 1972. which includes 300+ hours of audio, and 22+ hours of video, See every single moment has it

live hen camera

Live Hen Camera

Love Animals? Then Let The Live Hen Camera Cure Your Boredom Feeling Bored? Love animals? Then welcome to the Live Hen Camera! A 24/7 Genuine run and coop from a small town west of Boston, in the United States. These little fellas are streaming 24/7 and even have the sound

hogwarts wizard training

Hogwarts Wizard Training

Are You Bored? Are You A Massive Harry Potter Fan? Then This Actual Hogwarts Wizard Training Course Is Here For You Do you love Harry Potter? Then this Hogwarts wizard training course is a really cool website for you. You can take actual wizardry and witchcraft lessons and assignments from

music map

Music Map

Bored Of Listening To The Same Old Music?  Then Music Map Is The Site For You Music Map allows you to type in any band or musician’s name on the homepage and it will give you a  visual map of other artists you might like. The nearer the names, the

cute puppy live web cam

Cute Puppy Live Web Cam

Feeling Really Really Bored? Love Puppies? Then Check Out This Cute Puppy Live Web Cam Lets not hold back. This cute puppy live web cam is the most adorable thing you will see all day and will definitely put a smile on your face for hours, The amazing organisation, Warrior

ripley's believe it or not

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not?

Want Some Weird and Bizarre Stuff To Fix Your Boring Day, Then Check Out The Ripley’s believe it or not Museum. Ripley’s believe it or not was first created as an odditorium at the start of the last century, This freak show brought the most bizarre and weird people and

New Puppy Video every click

New Puppy Video Every Click

Feeling Bored? Then Get A New Cute Puppy Every Click Want to see a brand new cute puppy video every click? Well check this cool website out. Every time you hit your Spacebar, a new Puppy video will play in full screen. It is absolute heaven for dog lovers! and

earth cam

Earth Cam

Living A Boring Life? Want To See The World? Then Check Out The Earth Cam? Earth cam is a really cool website that will take you to a live webcam anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. From Alaska to Zimbabwe you can literally go live

cash cats

Cash Cats

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Check Out Lots Of Photos Of Cats With Loads Of A Cash (Cash Cats) Cash Cats is a cool website that has dedicated itself to providing you with loads of photos of cats surrounded by wads of money. Cute, Funny and entertaining in bucket loads.

Guinness world records

Guinness World Records

If You Are Having A Boring Day? Then Why Not Be A Record Breaker? With Guinness World Records Cure your boredom and become a record breaker with Guinness world records. Search from 1000’s of different records, and decide which one you can break. If you don’t fancy attempting a record

building demolitions

Cool Building Demolitions

Feeling Bored? Check Out these Cool Building Demolitions Love Watching Sh!t Getting Blown Up? who doesn’t love a good demolition video? So cure your boredom with the best building demolitions ever recorded on video. Sit back, chill out and watch sh!t getting blown up and reduced to rubble by super



Having A Kind Of Too Bored To Think Day? Then Check Out ZoomQuilt Zoomquilt is a strangely hypnotic, infinitely zooming image and website created by a team of hugely talented illustrators. Zoomquilt weaves together a patchwork of different fantasy paintings into a single, seemingly endless shot. An amazing concept that is both

life hacker

Life Hacker

Life Hacker Brings Your the Planets Best Life Hacks Life hacker is a website dedicated to making your life easier, less stressful and less complicated. There have always been those pesky little barriers in life that make everything so much more difficult. For example, the pot always boiling over, the zipper

the chive

The Chive

Having A Boring Day? Visit The Chive. theCHIVE brings you the funniest, the craziest  and the most outrageous,photos and videos. You will never be bored at school or work ever again. Full of randomness and general all round fun! this cool website will kill you boredom for hours and bring a



Looking For A Cool Website To Keep You Occupied On A Boring Day? Then Visit 9gag 9GAG  brings you the best funny pictures, Funny Videos Funny Gifs, gaming news, movie news, tv news, cosplay news, sport, food, memes, cute, epic fails, and wtf photos on the internet! This site is

epic fail

Epic Fail

There Is Nothing Better Than Curing Your Boredom With Laughing At An Epic Fail Epic Fail  Pokes fun at rich people crashing supercars, skateboarders doing silly things, and people totally embarrassing themselves. We all know what’s coming with epic fail videos, but they never cease to be totally hilarious There

feeling unlucky

Feeling Unlucky

Need A Laugh? Checkout Google ‘Feeling Unlucky’ The World famous Google  “Feeling Lucky” takes took you directly to the first search result for any query, without ever loading the page. The feeling unlucky button is literally the opposite, as it takes you to the last search result for any query.

TV & Movie ideas

TV & Movie Ideas

Bored? No Idea What Film Or TV Program To Watch? Check out this cool website that thinks up TV & Movie ideas for you based on genre, Action, Romance, Documentary, Family Horror, Comedy. This site has all of the options for you in one place.    

my 70s tv

My 70s TV

Take A Nostalgic Tour Of Your Younger Years With My 70s TV If you loved the 70s you will love this fun website. My 70s TV is a fully working TV that you can use to pick your own show.  Sport, music,commercials, cartoons, comedy and loads more . This amazing

awkward family photos

Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos – Stop Boredom Now! Awkward family photos is a collection of the funniest family photos the internet has to offer.  Spend hours of your boring day trawling through these embarrassing and funny photographs.  With a collection of thousands of photographs, this is one of the funniest websites

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