Having a boring day? Then Why Not Re-Live The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Live?

In 1969, the entire world watched as three men explored the unknown. Now you can listen, watch, and experience the thrill and excitement of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.  Re-live this amazing feat second by second by the courageous crew of Apollo 11 and Mission Control.   See every conversation from mission control to the crew. The miticulous timeline guides you to through every crucial moment in the mission, this includes the program alarms (computer alerts), the now famous Go No-Go polls in the control room, the low level fuel alarms, and most importantly the actiual landing.

And of course the bit that everyone is waiting for, those immortal words spoke by Neil Armstrong.  ‘The eagle has landed’

Check out the Apolla 11 Lunar Landing Live below

apollo 11 lunar landing live

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