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Google I’m Bored no More!  That’s what we are all about. It doesn’t matter whether if they are completely pointless, random funny or weird.  We have collated hundreds of the best boredom busting links to get you through the rest of your day or simply to kill some time.

We appreciate that you may be just too lethargic to think, so within our site we give you some options to find some fun things to do.  

  1. Scour through our entire vault of amazing links – with hundreds of sites to choose from, you may need to get the popcorn in, lock the door and clear your diary. Click here 

  2. You could let us take care of your boredom.- Click here for a random link from our vaults,

  3. You could search by category – Click here for every bored web page categorised

  4. Or finally, you could choose from or 100% live list of the top 25 list for boredom.  Click here to check these out.

So as you can see, unlike the other sites in our niche, we are the only one that gives you a full description of what each link does and leaves the decision up to you as to whether or not you want to click it,  If you don’t, then just click to go to another post via our buttons.  We promise you that we have a random website for every niche possible, we also promise that we have tried to capture every useless website on the internet so you don’t have to Google I’m bored ever again. 

This site is part of the ‘ a lot of what you need’ group that includes sites such as   – The best site for pranks gags and practical jokes – The home of the best craft cutting machines and reviews – The best spy equipment and surveillance equipment – The home best robotic vacuum cleaners and reviews – The home of the best juggling and circus equipment

We are planning big things, so stay tuned for our next addition to the family.

So what are you waiting for? stop wasting time on this boring page and check out what we do.


Mark Beddau

Editor of the ‘A lot of what you need’ group!