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Never Google I'm Bored Again

When we first started off on our journey to cure boredom we thought that we would be able to list around 50 or 60 bored websites. However, through our fans and the extensive research within our team we have come up with 1000s of links across a range of different categories.  Some of these categories you will have heard of before, such as useless websites and weird websites. However, we are a little bit different compared to our competitors as we cater for every niche and every type of boredom.   If you fancy a quiz we’ve got you covered, if you want to practice your brain training we have a site for you. If you feel the need to unleash your creative side then we can get those juices flowing.

Let Us Cure Your Boredom 


Here at bored a lot we never want you to Google I’m bored ever again.  With our constantly updating archives we promise you that we are a true adversary to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. We are finding that our readers are  looking for something a little bit different and something that will make them think, laugh and cringe.

So below you will find all 12 categories, each of them is packed with a range of sites that are guaranteed to satisfy your boring days. Click on each one and we will transport you to our vaults. Also at any time, if you can’t be bothered to do the searching, then click on the hit me a random website button in the menu or throughout the website and we will do the hard work for you.