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Our Top Websites for Boredom

If You Are Having A Really Boring Day. Then Let Us Beat That Back Into Submission With Our Top 25  list as collated by our followers.  We know how difficult, challenging and boring life can be, so we have taken all of the stress and strain out of your day so you don’t have to Google I’m Bored ever again. 

This list is based on actual visits and is completely live. So unlike other funny sites, and our competitors with silly buttons this constantly changing. based on the trends of fed up people around the world. So if you are stuck in work and sick of looking at twitter and Facebook then keep checking back here. 


Weavesilk – Bring out your artistic side Weavesilk lets you cure your boredom by creating beautiful weavy. silky and really cool looking pieces of art. 

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virtual stapler

Virtual Stapler

Do You Love The Sound Of A Stapler In Action? Well Replicate It Now With The Virtual Stapler.  Now With Three Different Staplers To Choose

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ransom note generator

Ransom Note Generator

Feeling Bored And Mischievous? Then Check Out This Ransom Note Generator Feeling Bored, Naughty and Mischievous? Want a laugh at someone elses expense? Then this

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bouncing trump

Bouncing Trump

Feeling Bored? Then Let The Bouncing Trump Take Care Of That The bouncing trump is what it says. You start of one Donald Trump head

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Virtual Fly Swatter

Virtual Fly Swatter

Cure Your Boredom Now Wit This Virtual Fly Swatter A very clever and talented internet fellow has created a really cool virtual fly swatter website

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prank a lot

Prank A Lot

Prank A Lot Put an end to those boring days with prank a lot.  Get the best pranks gags and practical jokes sent directly to

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evil tomato haters

Evil Tomato Haters

Kill Your Boredom Now With A Website Dedicated To Evil Tomato Haters Some people just hate tomatoes because they don’t like the taste. However, other

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internet live stats

Internet Live Stats

Want To Know Exactly What Is Happening On The Net? Then Check Out These Internet Live Stats. With live information on everything regarding the internet.

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shark tracking

Shark Tracking

Shark Tracking – How Cool Is That to Cure Your Boredom? Shark Tracking as they swim around the ocean may isn’t the most conventional way

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Free Rider Game

Free Rider Game – Create Your Very Own Racing Track For Your  Bike With over 500 million plays worldwide, the Free Rider Game has been

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Google i’m bored

Google i’m bored no more. We hoped you loved our stupid sites and useless websites.  Please continue to visit  this page for the latest updates and trends, Don’t forget to check out our other categories or simply hit the button below to take you to another random website.

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Also, Don’t forget that we are always on the look out for new  strange and weird links from around the world.  So if you know of or own a site yourself, then get in touch with us and we will add it to our vaults.  If your site is added then we will credit it back to you and share it through our social media. We are particularly interested in seeing weird links from the 4 corners of the web.  You know, the ones that are too strange and off to be in the pubic domain.  Nothing rude or offensive though.  We don’t play that game.

We promise that you will never have nothing to do ever again

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