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The Live top 25 Websites For Bored People

websites for bored people

If You Are Having A Really Boring Day. Then Let Us Beat That Back Into Submission With Our Top 25 Websites For Bored People as collated by our followers

This list is based on actual visits to and is completely live. So unlike other funny websites and i’m bored sites, this list is constantly changing. based on the trends of bored people around the world. 

We hoped you loved our stupid websites and sensible websites.  Don’t forget to check out our other categories or simply hit the button below to take you to another random website.

I’m Still Bored! Take me somewhere else

Don’t forget that we are always on the look out for new  strange and weird websites from around the world.  So if you know of or own a website yourself, then get in touch with us and we will add it to our vaults. 

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