Are You Literally Dying Of Boredom? Then Why Not Visit The Custom Funny Tombstone Maker?

Do you love stuff that is a little bit dark and creepy?  Do you want to prank a friend or family member?  The Custom Funny Tombstone maker lets you write your own eulogy on your very own gravestone.  Write your own funny text and send it to your friends and family.  This weird and funny website is both morbid and humorous at the same time. Don’t forget to drop us a screenshot of your creation in the comments section


funny tombstone maker

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Here at bored a lot we have a huge range of creepy, weird and bizarre websites from around the world.  Where else can you find the freaky food museum, slap captain Kirk from Star Trek in the face with his own hand, or take a tour around a real life abandoned insane asylum. Click here to visit the Weird Websites category

We are also taking submissions for new sites to add to our vaults. So if you know of site or even own one yourself, then get in touch with us and we will do our best to add it for all of our followers to see.


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