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WTF Websites For Bored People

Bored and fancy a little bit of WTF? Check out range of bizarre websites that will not only cure your boredom, but will have you asking yourself what the f*ck



Creepy Asylum Virtual Tour

Creepy asylum virtual tour

The Creepy Asylum Virtual Tour Feeling Bored? Do you like scary and freaky stuff? then this creepy asylum virtual tour is right up your street.  It is effectively a walk though,…

Online Ouija Board

Online Ouija Board

Looking For Your Daily Dose Of Useless Websites? Then Check Out The Online Ouija Baord The Online Ouija Board is exactly as it sounds.  You can now use this to…

Random Youtube Video

Random youtube video

Feeling Bored? Cant Think OF What To Search For? Then Check Out This Random Youtube Video Generator The Random Youtube video Gnerator is a simple website application to find  weird,…

Telepathic Advertising

Telepathic Advertising

Are You Bored With Your Dead End Job? Then Why Not Take Up A Position In Telepathic Advertising? Telepathy advertising is exactly what you think it is. A bizarre website…

Cut Out Elon Musk Mask

Elon Musk Mask

Feeling Bored? Are Looking For Something A Little Bit Weird? Then Check Out This Cut Out Elon Musk Mask Cure your boredom now and cut out your very own Elon…

Random Cat Videos

Random Cat Videos

Procatinator The Home To Hundreds of Random Cat Videos and Songs   Do you love cats? do you love music? Well the cool, funny and ultimately useless website Procatinator does…

Interesting Shoelace Site

Shoelace site

If You’re Looking For Something Completely Bizarre To Slay Your Boredom Then Check Out Ian’s Shoelace Site. Ian’s Shoelace site is Fashion, Fun & Science all rolled into one cool…