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Are you Looking For Your Daily Dose Of Useless Websites? Then Check Out The Online Ouija Board, this will make you laugh and spook you out  in equal measures.

This paranormal game is exactly as it sounds.  You can now use this to ask any question you like to the spirit world and the glass pointer will either spell out the answer to you or give you a simple yes or no answer. Do you want to know the winning lottery numbers?  Have you a burning desire to find out if Satan likes broccoli? then this is the fun website for you.


This Online Ouija board is a useless website

and should not be used to predict the future. So please, do not sell your house and buy thousands of lottery tickets based on what it tells you.  Because that would just be stupid.   Enjoy!

Online Ouija Board

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This link is part of the pointless and useless websites category.  Here you will find 1000s of links that are designed to make your day pass by a little easier.  Weather you are bored at work, bored at home or bored on the go, we have a site for every niche.  We are also taking submissions, so if you know of or own a link you think we would like then we would love to hear from you.  Submit it it to us via our menu bar and we will add it our list.  The weirder and more bizarre the better.

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