The Creepy Asylum Virtual Tour

Feeling Bored? Do you like scary and freaky stuff? then this creepy asylum virtual tour is right up your street.  It is effectively a walk though, interactive tour of all of the buildings in an incredibly creepy abandoned insane asylum. The type you see on those scary movies that have you hiding behind your hands.   This virtual tour also comes equipped with it’s very own spooky and disturbing music that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. So we recommend that you probably leave the lights on when navigating this particular website, and be prepared, as it takes you on a journey to a completely new level of weirdness and bizarreness, from the darkest and deepest recesses of the internet. As you navigate through, who knows what you will come across, and what you will see?

Enjoy The Creepy virtual tour – And try not to poop your pants 

Creepy asylum virtual tour

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Bored a lot has  a huge range of bizarre, creepy and weird websites for you to waste time on. Including online Ouija Boards, telepathy and oddity websites.  Click here to visit this  tag and see what else can freak you out and take away that boring mind set.

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