Random Youtube Video Generator

Are you having one of those boring days? Cant Think Of What To Search For? Fed up of Facebook and Twitter? Then Check Out This Random Youtube Video Generator. Its perfect for inspirationless people who need help to cure their boredom.  This cool site is a simple website application to find  weird, creepy, and random YouTube videos that are coming from the deep side and dark depths of YouTube.

If you a really, really bored and you want to  waste your time on something random. this this is the site for you.

Lets assume that everyone at some point went to the really weird part  of YouTube at least once. It’s basically a section that is full of videos completely unrelated to what you were originally looking at.  This website opens the doors of weird stuff to everybody even to normies! Don’t bother looking for the most viewed video on YouTube. Watch the least viewed and weirdest private videos on YouTube. Most of these are under 100 views and are recorded on mobile phones, and if you are really lucky day it’s possible to hit a video with no views what so ever.

Check out a random youtube video below – a 10 hour video of the Troll Song

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