Relieve Your Boredom Now With This Free Insanity Test

Have you ever thought that you are slowly going mad? Then this free insanity test is a funny questionnaire that puts your mind at rest with 176 Yes/No questions. Obviously, completing all of these questions on their own will drive you to the funny farm.  However, once you have done the test, It then work out as a percentage how truly insane and bonkers you really are.  So if you are putting your shoes in the oven at the end of each night, and you have at some point tried to fly, then you may be more insane than you think you are.  This unusual random website takes a while to complete, but it will certainly cure your boredom, and will most definately let you know if you are stark raving mad.   Result!

Let us know in the comments section how insane each of our readers are.

So stop saying i’m bored and take this free Insanity Test now!

Free insanity test

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