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The Cult Of The Weird

The bizarre website ‘cult of the weird‘ is as an excuse to visit really strange places when you are having a boring day.  You can get your daily dose of truly weird and offbeat news from around the world, you can collect morbid objects, and you can also dig through dusty old books to unearth true facts and fables of the weird, mysterious and unexplained stories throughout history. This website has grown into a thriving community of curious and strange minds, bringing daily strangeness to over 1 million visitors a year.

If you love websites that are a bit spooky, a bit weird and a whole lot of strange then this is where you need to be.  Don’t forget, if you know of any websites similar to this then drop us a line or submit a website to us via the menu link

cult of the weird

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Here at Bored a Lot, we love all things creepy, spooky and weird,so why not check out our weird tab to see what else we have on offer for you?  Create your own Frankenstein Monster, learn how to read palms, and watch people devour a 72oz steak on a live web camera.  Visit our weird tag

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