Weird Voice Changer

Bored? Then Have Fun Changing Your Voice in to something funny and bizarre.This weird voice changer is a really bizarre website that allows you to speak into a microphone and become a huge range of different characters, accents and creatures.   Who wouldn’t want to become the predator, a Dalek or a Spaceman?  You can also select the speak really fast button, in a hollow cave button.  Or if you really have the need to you can speak like Russian.  This is the perfect website  if you want to have a play around, or if you are feeling  really mischievous you can play some pranks on your friends and family.  You also have the option to upload your own category too.

So, if you are fed up and having a boring day, have some fun with this wacky and weird voice changer.

Weird Voice Changer

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