Random Donald Trump Insult Generator

Like him or loathe him no one has mastered the put down quite as well as Donald J Trump.  Which is why this hilarious Trumpsults website has been crafted.  This Random Donald Trump insult generator contains over 50 classic put downs all in one place. As you scroll down the page you are confronted with the same image time after time of DJT. But when you hover over each picture his face changes and he lets out a classic insult in the way that only he can.  So regardless of whether you are a Trump supporter or not this site is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and put an end to your boring day. Don’t forget to let us know your best put down in the comments section or whether you have heard one come out of his mouth that hasn’t been captured.  Enjoy

Random Donald Trump Insults Generator

Still Bored With Nothing To Do?

This site is part of the odd websites category, the home to 1000s of weird and strange links from around the world.  Including watch grass grow, a live web cam that is 24/7 fixed onto a lawn that grows day by day.  The real excitement comes when the owner cuts the lawn in front of your very eyes and the whole process starts again. Or how about the telegraph pole appreciation society? A website dedicated to, yep!” you guessed it, 1000s of telegraph poles from around the world.  If you liked this Random Donald trump insult generator you can also check out our post dedicated to him which has a collection of special websites poking fun at him. Check out the best funny Donald Trump Websites here.     So please, if you’re sat in the office or home with nothing to do, check out the rest of our posts, we have something for everyone and something for every type of boredom that you are going through. Kiss good bye to your Instagram and Facebook feed and try something different today.  Have fun!

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