The Cloud Appreciation Society


With over 47,000 worldwide members, the Cloud Appreciation Society brings together all people who love clouds and everything to do with the sky? In 2005 yahoo named this the most weird and wonderful website the internet has to offer. And we can see why? this weird website is strangely alluring and contains literally 1000s of images of different types of clouds and shapes.  You can even see clouds forming in videos, and our particular favorite, ‘cloud poetry’.  You could spend hours of your boring day navigating this site and you will still not have seen it all.

So, if your bored then learn something new and interesting, this really is the wtf website for you. You can even find like mind individuals and participate on the cloud appreciation forum with your best cloud photographs.  Check out this crazy website now!

cloud appreciation society

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The cloud appreciation society is part of the WTF category. Here you will see weird and wacky websites from around the world that will have you scratching your head or going back for more.  Where else could you learn to become a full on ordained minister of the church? or listen to live emergency services scanners from around the world?  So don’t hold back.  Visit bored a lot now and cure your boredom.   Don’t forget, if you know of or own a website that deserves a place in this or any other category, then please let us know.  You can submit a post to us via or menu tab and we will try our best to add it to our vaults.

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