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Slap A Dude With An Eel

Are you so bored that you could just do with a laugh? Then check out this website that allows you to slap a poor dude with an eel- you know! that long slimy creature that swims in the sea.  You can slap him quickly or slap him in slow motion, the decision is yours.  Watch his face as he goes from a calm exterior, to shock and awe, as what appears to be a fisherman slaps this slippery fella across his face.  If someone has annoyed you today and you want to take out your frustration virtually, them this is the perfect cool website for you.

Visit The Website Now I'm Still Bored! Take me somewhere else


If you love all things bizarre, weird and crazy, then click here for our WTF category here, where else will you find cool websites such as the flat earth society and a Yoda voice generator.   These boredom websites will keep a smile on your face for hours on end.

Don’t forget, if you have or know of a boredom website that would fit this category, then don’t forget to let us know in the comments section, or submit it to us via the link in our menu bar.  If it meets our requirements, then we will add it to our vaults.

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