Every Wondered How Pretty Am I ?


Anaface is a really cool facial scoring website that will give you a mark out of 100 for your beauty and looks based on your features. Scary we know!  Have you ever thought how pretty am I ? See if your eyes are in line and find out if your mouth is too wide for your nose. All of these are important things when you are judged on how beautiful you are. So if you are sat in the home or office looking for something fun and cool to do then this ticks all of the boxes.   It will not only cure your boredom, but it will boost your ego if you get over a 70/100.   But are you brave enough to try?

Don’t forget that you can also do this on your friends and family, so if you know someone who is constantly bragging that they are the best looking person on the planet, pop their image into this facial beauty scoring website and find out for sure.  Sure it is completely pointless and useless. Bit it will help you waste time for at leat a couple of minutes.

Let us know in the comments section how you scored

How Pretty Am I

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