This Virtual Train Journey Online Is Your Ultimate Cure For Boredom


If you’re sat in the house with nothing to do thinking of far away places and wishing you were there, then why not take this virtual train journey?  A clearly very bored train driver decided that they were going to film an entire trip from Southern Norway to the Arctic Circle.  A trip that takes a little short of 10 hours.  This video was placed on Youtube and has already been viewed over 5 thousand times.  From what we can see it is basically a lot of snow and a lot of cold looking mountains, but what can’t be argued with is the beautiful scenery the train passes on this epic journey.  So if you are sat at home bored out of you’re mind and then you can watch this video here in it’s entirety, second by second.  or more precisely 34416 seconds.

Let us know in the comments if you managed to sit through the whole video.  If you did then you get a very special mention on our Facebook page.

So here you go! get the supplies in, catch up on your sleep, and tell your family you are not going to see them for 10 whole hours. . This really is going to be an epic journey.


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