Kill Some Time By Listening To Post Apocalypse Radio

What is Post Apocalypse Radio? Well, People from the year 2156 have managed to build a time lapse feedback device which they can use to send a simple audio signal and HTML-markup site back to the past. Well not really, but it’s fun and it will help to cure boredom and kill some time.

The world in the year 2156 has been annihilated by a twenty-year long nuclear/fusion war. Pretty much all the animals have died, and almost every human being has been killed.  People who broadcast this radio from the future also broadcast the same radio in their time to collect data about the survivors. That is where you come to the picture.

You’re survivor in the year 2156 and you can send a message, no matter how bizarre or creepy to the post apocalypse radio and send it back to the past

so what should I say in the message?

It’s up to you. yo can say whatever you want, as long as it broadly follows the story from the year 2156 and live in a post apocalyptic world where nuclear war has destroyed pretty much everything. After that, you can just use your imagination.  The simplest way might be to just them tell your location, are there any survivors there, what has been destroyed, do you have radiation or contaminating diseases or are you a terminator waiting for to take over the world. Just use your own weird and twisted imagination. You can also play songs, sing recite poems, tell people stories, scream, in fact anything you wish.

Post Apocalypse Radio

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