Smell Dating – The Cure For Bored Single People

Need A New Relationship In Your Life? Then welcome to Smell Dating.  This weird website will send a T-shirt to you to wear continuously for 3 days and nights without any deodorant.  You can then send it back in a pre-paid envelope.  For this stinky task, you will then be sent a selection of other peoples shirts to sniff away at, you can then pick your perfect partner based on their smell.  For just $25 you will be sent  your own t-shirt to odour up, along with 10 t-shirts from other people.  You can then exchange phone numbers with your smell partner.  It really is as simple as that

So if you are sat in your home or office bored with your single life, looking for that special someone., then check out Smell Dating. 

Smell Dating

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