Kill Your Boredom Now With A Website Dedicated To Evil Tomato Haters

Some people just hate tomatoes because they don’t like the taste. However, other people think they’re pure evil, which is why this cool website seems to exist. Dedicated to evil tomato haters around the world, you can find out interesting facts about this innocent looking red fruit, find tomato free recipes. You can also play tomato evil tomato haters games, read comments left by other tomato haters and even buy an evil tomato T-shirts from the stop.  But our particular favorite is the blog.  Here you will find what seems to be every story or incident around the world that has the world tomato in it.   World wars,  blame the tomato,  global warming, we have proof that it  is down to the tomato.  This cool website for bore people is both funny and bizarre in equal measures.   Let us know in the comments which  is your favorite section.

evil tomato haters

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