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Do you love a bit of dark and weird? well you have stumbled upon the right place.  Creepy pasta is a cult website that has been going since 2008.  It specialises in paranormal stories and short horror microfiction. Readers are encouraged to submit their own Pasta, and people will then score them on the scariness and quality of writing.  This cool website is perfect for wasting time on if you are bored at work or the home.  So if you have nothing to do then why not pay this site a visit.  There is also a forum contained within Creepy Pasta that allows your to discuss weird and freaky topics such as spooky art, horror stories and general horror related discussions.

Let us know in the comments section of any of the stories made you poop your pants and hide behind your hands? 

creepy pasta

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Creepy Pasta is part of the WTF weird websites category, here you will find 100s of websites that have been taken from the 4 corners of the internet. Some are bizarre, some are funny, but all of them will cure your boredom.  Websites such as the flat earth society, or even a site that will blow up any webpage you want in front of your very eyes.  Yes, we are serious!

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