QWOP – The Worlds Hardest Game

The QWOP  game is quite possibly the hardest game that has ever been invented. Test your knowledge of anatomy to make the athlete run. We manged to get to a fantastic 4.17 meters which is barely a step in Usain Bolts world.  The Keys are QW for the thighs and OP for the calves. Sounds simple right? Well give it a go!

How to Play?

Put your knowledge of the human body and physics to the test, as you try to control different parts of an athletes body to get them across the finishing line. You only have four keys to play with, so if you think this will be easy, well, you are in for a really big surprise. On the bright side, your boring day will be cast aside after playing the QWOP running game. This is perfect for people who want a challenge whilst having a giggle fit as you fall flat on your face.

Let us know in the comments how you did and whether you managed to get to the end of the race at 100 meters.  Who will be the first of our followers to do it?

QWOP the worlds hardest game

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