If you love Facebook You will Love These Funny Facebook Posts.

Do you love laughing at the expense of other people? You know? the type of people that are just too stupid for their own good? but still publish everything they do over social media.  Then you will love Lamebook.  This hilarious website lets you see user submitted weird and funny Facebook posts from around the world.  With over 120,000 Facebook likes, this is one of the most popular humor websites on the internet.  What’s great about this site is that with over 2000 pages for you to scroll through, we can guarantee that is will cure your boredom for a long time.

So if you love scrolling through Facebook looking for funny Facebook posts or statuses, then this is the cool humor website for you

Funny Facebook Posts

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This website is part of our cool websites category. Where else would you find amazing boredom busting gems such as a virtual white house tour? or the international space station live camera?  This category contains 100s of all round cool stuff from the 4 corners of the internet.

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