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Feeling Bored? Then Check Out These Cool Websites

bored people

Bored a lot has a website to cure anyones boredom, but here you will fnd our special collection of all round cool websites.  This selection has been handpicked by our team, and are guaranteed to slay those boring days and put a smile on your face at the same time! Some of the website you will know, but some of them have been found hidden away in the dark corners of the internet waiting to be discovered by us.  These websites don’t have any niche, apart for fact that we love them.

If you know of any websites that deserve a place on our cool wall then let us know via the submission tab, If we think it’s cool we will add it to our vaults.


Bird Watching Live Cams

Bird Watching Live Cams

Bored? Then Check Out These Bird Watching Live Cams Are you an amateur twitcher? do you love birds? and we don’t mean the female type. Then cure your boredom with…

Explore The Universe

explore the universe

Bored? Love Space? Then Sit Back And Explore The Universe This amazing and interactive website for bored people allows you to explore the universe in stunning detail.  You are able…

Senior Citizen Fun

Senior Citizen Fun

Senior Citizen Fun – A Cool Bored Website Over 50s Suddenly senior is a website that is dedicated to over 50 year olds.  Now you can have senior citizen fun…

White House Virtual Tour

White house virtual tour

Keep Thinking I’m Bored? Then Take The White House Virtual Tour Are you wanting a bit of culture and something different to cure your boredom? Then the White House Virtual…

360 London Virtual Tour

360 london virtual tour

Bored? Then Check Out This 360 London Virtual Tour Back in 2013 British Telecom and broke the world record for the most detail panoramic tour ever created.  This 360…

Fun Switcher

Fun Switcher

Fun Switcher – Switch on 1000s of Fun Sounds and Voices Do you want something fun, weird and addictive to cure your boredom? Then the fun switcher is the cool…

The Nostalgia Machine

nostalgia machine

If You’re having a Really Boring Day, Then The Nostalgia Machine is The Coolest Boredom Website You Need Right Now. The nostalgia machine is one of the coolest websites for…

Real Time Animal Heartbeats

animal heartbeats

Do You Think Your Heart Beats Quickly? Then Slay Your Boring Day And Learn Something Interesting By Seeing Real Time Animal Heartbeats Have you ever wondered how many heartbeats per…

Every Satellite Orbiting Earth

Every Satellite Orbiting Earth

Feeling Bored? Then Check Out Every Satellite Orbiting Earth Wouldn’t you like to kill some time by knowing Every Satellite Orbiting Earth? – In total there are more than 1,300…

Mental Age Test

Mental age test

Bored Out Of Your Mind?  Well Test Your Mind With A Mental Age Test Wouldn’t it be great for you to know if you really are as old as you…

Blow Stuff Up

Blow Stuff Up

If You Are Feeling Bored Then Why Not Blow Stuff Up? This really cool website lets you continuously blow stuff up every time you press the red detonation button.  Cars,…

Comic Strip Creator

comic strip creator

If You’re Feeling Bored Then Check Out This Free Comic Strip Creator Cure your boredom with this comic strip creator which lets you build your own comic for free. Choose…

Rank Cool Stuff

rank cool stuff

If You’re Feeling Bored. Then Why Not Rank Cool Stuff ? is really awesome website to explore when you just want to rank cool stuff for hours on end on…

Virtual Smithsonian Museum

virtual Smithsonian museum

If You’re Feeling Bored And Love History Then You Will Love The Virtual Smithsonian Museum This cool website is perfect for history lovers who are really bored. Take the virtual…

Play With Virtual Lego

virtual lego

If You Are Feeling Bored Then Why Not Cure That Boredom And Play With Virtual Lego? Mecabricks is an extremely cool website that allows you to play with virtual Lego…

Stroboscopic Illusion

Stroboscopic Illusion

Turn Your Bored Eyes Into WTF Eyes With This Amazing Stroboscopic Illusion Trick We have seen the optical illusions that claim to play tricks with your eyes, but this stroboscopic illusion…

My 80s TV

My 80s TV

Cure Your Boredom And Relive Your Childhood With My 80s TV Do you fancy a real dose of nostalgia to end that boring day? Well my 80s TV does just…

Send Future Emails

send future emails

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Send Future Emails To Yourself With over 5 million letters written, This cool website allows you to send future emails to yourself as far ahead…



Cure Your Boredom Now With Reddit If your haven’t visited Reddit before you’re really losing out. This awesome website will fix your boredom by giving you something to read and…

Build A Virtual Snowman

build a virtual snowman

Are You Bored? Then Why Not Build A Virtual Snowman In Practice For Christmas Time Snow Box allows you to build a really cool looking virtual snowman without all of…

Left Over Fridge Food

left over fridge food

To Bored To Cook? The The Let Super Cook Website Come Up With  A Delicious Recipe From Your Left Over Fridge Food Are you bored of looking at the same…

Control Live Robots

control live robots

Want To Relieve Your Boredom? Then Why Not Control Live Robots From The Comfort Of Your Own Home? Bored? Then control live robots, and do anything with them with the world’s…

Apollo 17 Mission

Apollo 17 mission

Feeling Bored? Love Space Travel? Then Watch The Entire Journey Of The Apollo 17 Mission In Real Time A real-time interactive journey of the Apollo 17 mission to the moon. Relive every…

Music Map

music map

Bored Of Listening To The Same Old Music?  Then Music Map Is The Site For You Music Map allows you to type in any band or musician’s name on the…

Earth Cam

earth cam

Living A Boring Life? Want To See The World? Then Check Out The Earth Cam? Earth cam is a really cool website that will take you to a live webcam…

Cash Cats

cash cats

Feeling Bored? Then Why Not Check Out Lots Of Photos Of Cats With Loads Of A Cash (Cash Cats) Cash Cats is a cool website that has dedicated itself to…

Guinness World Records

Guinness world records

If You Are Having A Boring Day? Then Why Not Be A Record Breaker? With Guinness World Records Cure your boredom and become a record breaker with Guinness world records….



Having A Kind Of Too Bored To Think Day? Then Check Out ZoomQuilt Zoomquilt is a strangely hypnotic, infinitely zooming image and website created by a team of hugely talented illustrators. Zoomquilt…

Life Hacker

life hacker

Life Hacker Brings Your the Planets Best Life Hacks Life hacker is a website dedicated to making your life easier, less stressful and less complicated. There have always been those pesky…

The Chive

the chive

Having A Boring Day? Visit The Chive. theCHIVE brings you the funniest, the craziest  and the most outrageous,photos and videos. You will never be bored at school or work ever again….



Looking For A Cool Website To Keep You Occupied On A Boring Day? Then Visit 9gag 9GAG  brings you the best funny pictures, Funny Videos Funny Gifs, gaming news, movie…

Epic Fail

epic fail

There Is Nothing Better Than Curing Your Boredom With Laughing At An Epic Fail Epic Fail  Pokes fun at rich people crashing supercars, skateboarders doing silly things, and people totally…

Feeling Unlucky

feeling unlucky

Need A Laugh? Checkout Google ‘Feeling Unlucky’ The World famous Google  “Feeling Lucky” takes took you directly to the first search result for any query, without ever loading the page….

TV & Movie Ideas

TV & Movie ideas

Bored? No Idea What Film Or TV Program To Watch? Check out this cool website that thinks up TV & Movie ideas for you based on genre, Action, Romance, Documentary, Family…

Virtual Drumming

virtual drumming

Cure Your Boredom With Virtual Drumming Do you love playing the drums? then kill your boring day with this virtual drumming kit.  Use your mouse to play at full volume…

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