Bored? Try Window Swap. A Different View With Every Click.

We clicked my mouse on and to be honest we had absolutely no idea what to expect when we arrived on this website. First we were greeted by a caption asking if we would like to sign up? Our  first thought was actually no. But we will plod on and see what this site is all about. Taking a closer look and clicking on the windows around the world button thingy we were greeted with just that. A small movie set to the most beautiful relaxing music of looking through different people’s windows from around the world.

Do you know something? It was brilliant. 5 stars go to the original website owners who thought this one up. We just loved it and could have watched it for hours. Just so relaxing. Sitting there gazing at loads of different views from all around the world. And then you have the option to make a short 10-minute video of your window and view then send it in. We tried it but we had some man outside my window in his car shouting and screaming at me to stop filming…

This is a lovely, well thought out professional looking website. Any boredom you had before you came here, after leaving will most definitely be gone.

Window Swap

More Fun Things To Click Online 

How many times have you sat there looking for something to do online or plonked yourself down in front of the TV. Only to find yourself spending the whole time flicking your way through every channel continuously until you turn the damn thing off because you are so mind-numbingly bored. And you can’t seem to find anything to do? 

If this is you. Then you really have come to the right place because the clever scientist like boffins from will not tolerate anyone being bored. They have come up with a solution. Watch crazy, pointless, hilarious, silly websites at Result. Boredom gone! Job done!

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