Scroll-o-meter - How far can you scroll?

There is only one word that we could possibly find to say about this truly amazing website. That is a big fat WOW. This is such a useless website and a completely pointless waste of time. But and there is a big BUT, It is quite brilliantly addictive. And extremely professionally well put together. We guarantee if you were thinking I’m bored before you visited , that feeling will have completely disappeared by the time you leave it.

So as soon as you arrive at the scroll-o-meter website you are greeted with a large static animation of a man jogging with some small numbers at the bottom next to him that say 00.00 miles. Now your first questiony thought will be, is scroll another word for jogging? You might even have the inquisitiveness to ask Google. If you do then Google will tell you the bleeding obvious. “To Scroll Is To Scroll Down A Page On A Computer.”

Light bulb moment. All pleased with yourself you rush back to the scroll-o-meter website and try just that. This is where the fun really starts. As you slowly start to scroll down the page. The static animation of the jogging man starts to move and run on the spot and the dramatic music from the movie Chariots of Fire starts playing…but not at the normal speed. The faster you go, the faster the music plays and the jogger jogs. And that is when you notice the numbers have changed and recorded the distance you have scrolled. How wonderfully pointless.

Scroll O Meter

Still Saying I'm Bored?

Without a doubt, we are the best website on the planet for people who are feeling bored. We have useless websites, weird websites and random websites to keep you occupied for the rest of the day. So, get exploring and have fun. 

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