Central Park Virtual Tour

Whatever you are doing, stop right there. (Actually, you’re probably not doing very much if you’re here…). It seems to me you’re feeling very bored, how about going on a tour? One that involves not moving a muscle, apart from your finger on your mouse. Fancy a virtual trip to the Big-Apple, New York, US of A? Well, come on then let’s go and visit central park. All you need to do is click https://www.youvisit.com/tour/centralpark and instantly you will be taken on your own private tour. There is a lovely lady narrator guide who will talk to you. Telling you about all the different things that you are seeing. From mosaics dedicated to John Lennon to statues of Hans Christian Anderson. Gentle, warm summer strolls past lakes, trees and historic buildings…in fact, I will shut up and let you go and experience it all for yourself…this truly is a genuinely wonderful and relaxing website.

Central Park Virtual Tour

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