Feeling Bored? Then Listen To Every Radio Station In The World

Have you ever wondered what music different cultures and countries  listen too? Well this cool websites lets you check out the live stream of every radio station around the world. When you visit the website you will be presented with 1000s of different green dots on a map of planet earth.  You can then navigate to any place on that map and listen to what is going on, what people are talking about and what people are listening to.  Do the residents of Greenland listen to Justin Bieber? What does an Australian Agony Aunt sound like?  You can literally spend hours on end on this website if you are bored, and it is perfect for people that have moved, or are staying away from home and want some homely music.

Radio Garden also gives you the opportunity to add a station that you think may be missing, you can also download the app to cure your boredom on the go.  We promise you this genius website  will have you bobbing away to obscure music from different cultures in the remotest parts of the globe.

Let us know in the comments section your favorite radio station and why it is so cool.

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Radio Garden is part of the cool websites category. Here you will find boredom websites that we love, such as the live Abbey Road Camera. You know! the one from the Beatles Album.  Now you can see that very crossing and a typical London street Live.  You can also send a genuine message into space. This website uses cool technology that can be picked up by extra terrestrials.  What would you say?

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