Play The Google Flight Simulator Now

Using real and detailed maps from any location around the world this Google Earth flight Simulator allows you to travel anywhere from the comfort of your home, office or train journey home.  Running with real physics software you are able to take off from any part of the planet and go to anywhere you wish, including your local store, school or bar.  You are able to choose from a huge number of aircraft and you can configure it with whatever controls you want on your joystick, keyboard or mouse. This really is the ultimate geek game and will keep you busy for hours on end.  You can even chat with other pilots that are flying around and actually see them flying in the google airspace.

This cool game has two versions.  A free simulator that allows you to fly around the globe in standard definition.  Or, if you really want to fly with style you can pay $9.99 for 1 year to jet around in full high definition. Either way you are guaranteed to find this really fun and stupidly addictive.

Let us know in the comments where this google online flight simulator took you and if you managed to land a 737 jet in your own back yard.

Google Earth Flight Simulator

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